Meet Our New Writer – The HomeSchool Mom, Cristina


Our Mom’s Community Writing Group is overflowing with wonderful women who love the Lord. I’m grateful for everyone of them.  It’s always a pleasure to introduce a new friend.

My dear Friend Cristina was one of my very first followers when I started less then a year ago in September of 2014. Everyday in my email box – I see that she has visited my blog. I’m touched by this and I feel a friendship building between us.

Dear readers  when I first started this blog I had no idea that I was going to have a Mom’s Community Writing Group.  God’s plans for this blog continue to unfold right before my eyes daily. And I’m loving it!  I feel a connection with all my writers and I’m humbled that God has so graciously blessed me with encouraging women.

Cristina has contributed to our Weekend Series On Parenting and I have re-blogged several of her posts.  This beautiful Mom is passionate about Homeschool.  She inspires me.  I believe she will inspire you too.

Cristina The Homeschool Mom will be posting once a month on the first Monday.  Starting in July!!

Following is a lovely introduction from The Homeschool Mom!!!

Hello Friends!

I suppose I could tell you any number of things about myself; I am married, I have four children whom I homeschool, and I like research and organization. While any of those might tell you the facts, they won’t tell who I am or why I do what I do. So…

Who am I? I am a young lady whose heart is to serve the Lord with all of my being in the role I play as a wife, mother, and teacher; to live my life to bring Him glory and honor while being a helpmeet to my husband and while preparing my children to be adults who will walk in God’s truth; that my life might be a blessing to those around me and further His kingdom.

My heart is that while reading along you would further your relationship with Him and that He would use these posts to help you accomplish that to which He has called you, whether it’s homeschooling, being a mom, being a wife, or just being a daughter of the King. May what you find here bless you and better equip you in your service to our God and Savior.

“Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.” Pslam 127:1

You can visit me at my personal blog, A Homeschool Mom, where we talk about how God is working through our homeschooling and family adventures to teach us more about Himself. You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

May the Lord be glorified in all we do!

Cristina, A Homeschool Mom

3 thoughts on “Meet Our New Writer – The HomeSchool Mom, Cristina

  1. Woohoo! Cristina’s here…now the party can begin, yes? 🙂 I too have been encouraged and inspired by her passion for homeschooling and her love for Jesus. I’m so excited by what you’re building here, Lisa!

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