Message From Kortney Stanis

Kortney new family

Our Sweet Writing Friend Kortney will be taking a break from our writing team.  We will miss Kortney and her thoughtful messages.  And we are all so very excited for her and all that she is doing for the Lord.

Kortney is an amazing follower of God who is passionate about helping others in need.  Kortney is a great inspiration to all.

A few months ago, my husband and I knew we needed to help those that were in need, specifically, those that are refugees. We signed up to help with a family here that recently came to Chicago. As in, when we met them, they had been here for all of 8 days. God has given me so much incredible joy through this experience. Its a mom and two kids who have fled their home to find safety. But ladies, this family has nothing and Ive never come so close to what poverty and need really looks like. It takes alot of time to get them to learn english, learn to shop, have enough things in their house, get registerd for school, make sure no one is taking advantage of these very vulnerable people. So alot of my time is being devoted to helping this single mom and her kids right now. Coupled that with some speaking I will be doing in my church, I dont have time to write for Community moms right now -and really my blog either. So I will occasionally be writing at but mainly it will be quiet, at least for the next two months. I thank you all for your support and pray God brings me back at some point. 

Kortney we will be praying for you.  Keep us posted.  And we pray that God brings you back sometime soon.  You are always welcome here.


3 thoughts on “Message From Kortney Stanis

  1. Kourtney,
    I remember working with three refugee families and a single mom. I had recently given my life to Christ. It was a delight, and joy to watch God at work, in me, and in them.

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  2. Kortney,
    What a privilege you’ve been given! May you grow in the love and wisdom of Jesus as you serve Him by loving this family well. You will be missed.
    Hugs and prayers,

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