Are My Dreams Too Small? Rhiannon Skeen



Is it enough? We can often fall into the trap of asking ourselves if what we hope for our lives is enough. This is especially true from moms everywhere. There is so much pressure on women to do so much. It is almost as if society has belittled the call of staying home. If media does portray a stay at home mom she is kind of a joke. It’s like they highlight all of the struggles and use it as good material for a laugh. After seeing how moms are portrayed why would our little girls want to stay home?

Society jokes about moms. They are honored half-heartedly but everyone thinks that being a mom is easy. It isn’t something you dream about, it’s just life. Or is it? Culture would have us think dreaming to be a mom is small beans but what if that is the dream that changes the world?

Giants of the Faith

Billy Graham, Bill Johnson, John Wesley, Oswald Chambers, Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, and on and on. When you see those names, you may not know all of them but chances are good you know of at least one or two. These men and women are considered to be some of the many giants of the faith that we look up to and respect. They have lived lives that have impacted countless and they inspire us to pursue more of God.

But, do you know of any of their moms?

What if their moms had decided being a mom was too small and they set out to do something else with their life? What if they had walked away from it all and just let their family fall between the cracks? Would we still have these and many others?

I heard a quote recently by Andy Stanley that said, “Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God may not be what you do but someone you raise.”

Along those lines Bill Johnson said, “If you will make time for God He will make history through you.”

Dreams That Matter

As moms, we can feel like what we do is insignificant at times. We aren’t running companies or living the high life. We don’t eat at fancy restaurants or go to parties (outside of slumber parties or McDonald’s). But what we do matters. Our dreams of being a mom, of being there for our kids, that matters because those dreams change lives. We may not know much about the lives of those well-known ministers’ mothers but I would venture to say they were something else. People may not know us, books may not record what we do, but we can leave a lasting impression on the lives we have been charged to raise. And it might be that impression that leads them to change nations. Our dreams are the dreams that matter, they are dreams for our children to grow up to be mature, educated, passionate, lovers of Christ.

Keep dreaming of home. A home that loves Jesus, children that know Him and a marriage that reflects His love to the world. Home is not a small dream, it is the biggest one ever.


Rhiannon is a mom, wife, blogger, designer, vlogger and coffee addict that can be found at . That is her corner of the inter-webs where she shares her heart about life and loving Jesus. You can also join her Bible Study group “Coffee and the Word” on Facebook here.

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