Do you feel like you’re in a long dark tunnel with no end in sight? I know that feeling because I experienced it too! The teenage years can be a challenge for both parents and teens. In order to successfully navigate these years, parents need to make some significant shifts in the way they parent. This isn’t easy.

Teens need to find their identity separate from their parents, but they still need guidance and wisdom as they find their way. They’re dealing with peer pressure, self esteem, questions about faith, and other issues in the ever-growing complexity that is our modern world.  And this is all happening in a “sex-crazed” and materialistic culture. Teens are struggling today to find their identity and a purpose for their lives. 

At the same time, they often give off messages to adults that they don’t want anything to do with us. Wow!


Many parents of teenagers go to one of two extremes. To read the rest click here  Raising Teenagers

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