2014 Quotes from my Posts


I started posting on my blog this year.  I have truly enjoyed myself.  I like writing and I love interacting with you all.  I took a few minutes today to re-read my posts.  I copied and pasted my own quotes.  I’d like to share them with you.

And it’s in the un-noticed little things we do, that makes Jesus shine through us.

In my weakest moments God will not abandon me. I am His and He so carefully crafted me inside of my mother’s womb, making me to be brave in Him today and every day!!!!

Youthful years brought many tears while Christmas carols still rung in my ears bringing great comfort and joy. The beautiful carol, Joy To The World, brought me out of myself and lifted my eyes up to an amazing God who fearlessly loves all.

I want my children to know that in this world of toil and snare we have a King who is above all kings. Jesus rules and we are safe in His loving arms. With this realization our love for the world will shine.

I realize that a sense of wonder is a gift from God. I feel alive when I have someone to hope for and care for.

I will have good moments parenting and I will have bad moments. I have to remind myself every day that these moments do not define me. Only God truly can judge me because He knows me better than I know myself. He loves me unconditionally too. I want to love myself like God loves me and this is not easy.

Moms, God equipped us with everything we need to be a mom. He gave us tender hearts to feel and care for our children’s emotions. He fills us with His spirit so that we can discern what is best for them.

My kids need me, fully alive, active and available. Yes, they are blessed to be involved in clubs and classes, but we can live without these things. We can’t live without relationship, acceptance, and love.

Moms when we doubt ourselves we must remember that God knows and trusts us. He gave us our children.

He called you to be a Momma because He believes in you.

The Art of good listening is to hear the heart felt cries of our children and not minimize their feelings or solve their problems.  

I want my children to be able to say. “Mom knows me best because she hears what I have to say. She allows me to have feelings and therefore I trust her.”

Tears filled my little girl’s eyes and she started to sob. I stayed with her in that moment. A pain in my gut overwhelmed me with anguish and I wanted to defend her. Instead I let her cry as I reached out to her in love.

A whole new world of parenting happens when we stay in the moment and listen to our children giggle. But sometimes we get too busy with our duties to notice our children dancing and singing.

Now is the time for us to enter into our children’s world and breathe in their beauty

I think I’m going to leave my house dusty another day, leave my laundry basket full and read to my kids their favorite stories. Or I might take out my camera and take pictures of them playing.   I’m going to breathe in their joy and celebrate life as a Momma.

Children’s laughter is contagious and it’s music to my ears.

All we can do is our best and rest in God’s amazing grace each and every day.

My relationship with God grows when I step out of logical thinking to take risks.

I change when I leave my safe place of comfort to walk in the unknown.

Hope replaces fear as faith draws me to take another step forward and discover what God has in store for me.

Fear keeps me from living freely for God.

God waits patiently for us to trust Him.

It takes courage to trust God and see past doubt, pain, loneliness, criticism, self-condemnation, and the impossible.

2 thoughts on “2014 Quotes from my Posts

  1. Powerful thoughts to bring us into every new day of every new year. Thank you for sharing!
    As I grow into 2015 I shall stop to count their noses, listen to their giggly noises, be their tall when they feel small, cherish sun beams dancing from their hearts to mine, and know I am blessed. Thank God for the children. Love and Peace to all. Jenny

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much for stopping by. Happy New Year to you sister and please keep coming back!!!! I’d love to have you join our conversations.
      Love your comment.


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