Mommy Will You Sit Down?


My six year old boy asked me today, “Mommy will you sit down next to me while I finish my lunch?”

I almost said no.

The last thing I wanted to do was sit down. I had a to-do-list to get done.

But, I said yes anyway.

How could I resist such a sweet invitation from my son?

It wasn’t easy to be still. We didn’t say much to each other. We just sat side by side. No phone calls, no texting, no writing, and no looking through mail. He had my full attention.

He smiled a couple of times and he snuggled up close to me. He was rested and content. There were a few times I wanted to tell him to hurry and finish up.

I didn’t.

Instead, I breathed in the moment and praised God for giving me my son who I adore.

I want to slow down this year and just be in the moment with my loved ones. No agenda planned.

This year I don’t want to fill up my calendar with things to do.

This year I’m going to sit down next to my kids more.  Side by side!!!!

How about you?

12 thoughts on “Mommy Will You Sit Down?

  1. Hi Lisa,
    I enjoyed your post. It is sweet and brief and you didn’t get preachy – you just invited the reader into a conversation about the time we spend – or don’t spend – with our kids. I appreciated that. This is a wonderful reminder for me as a mom to quit DOING every moment of every day and just BE, quietly and simply, with my two wonderful children. Someday they’ll be grown and gone and I don’t want to suddenly wake up and wish I could tune into them too late to do anything about it.

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    • Thank you Liz for stopping by. Its hard to just be and breathe in the moment. I have to remind myself constantly and give myself permission to do so. Thank you for sharing your encouraging thoughts about my writing approach. I’m always learning better ways to write. I truly want to reach my audience in love and encouragement.


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