The Power in the Words, “I’m Not Fine”

Fearfully Made Mom


“It is never just your story.” The editor’s words cut through the classroom with razor-like precision. I ponder them and am ashamed to count the number of times I thought it was.

Weeks later, as I worship with my church family, I realize how thankful I am for the truth in her words. It’s not just me. No, there are others. There is an entire body to carry me when I am discouraged, offer an uplifting word when I need it, to push me to keep pressing toward my goals.

Where would I be without them? Where would I be without my husband, who, when I walk away, tells a friend that I need a word of encouragement?

Sometimes, the worst possible answer to the question, “How are you?” is “I’m fine.” And yet so often, that is my immediate response.

“I don’t want to burden them with my issues,”…

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