When No One Understands Your Struggle, You Are Enough

Fearfully Made Mom

made perfect

When something in the church world makes me angry, I have a tendency to go on a spiritual high horse.

Or at least, that is what I’m calling it. But the problem is it isn’t always as spiritual as I’d like to think.

A few weeks ago when I reposted a previous blog about depression, I had to get off the horse restrain myself. Comments and stories of being shamed, isolated and belittled came rolling into my inbox, and I was livid.

If there was ever a time when the fruit of the Spirit called self-control needed to manifest itself, it was in those moments when I heard from my readers, because I was sure some self-professed Christians needed to hear from me.

But the more I seethed, the more I realized what I really needed was some time away from social media to breathe and collect my thoughts…

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