Frozen In An Icicle of Depression – Part 2 of 3

anna saving elsa

Image from the movie Frozen

My heavy feet took one slow step at a time from my bed to the bathroom. It seemed like a weight was on my back when I tried to stand up straight to see myself in the mirror. My pale face made me feel so empty. When I reached for the make-up bag, my hands were light and moved slowly.

Days were dragging and sleepless nights kept me tangled up. My new boss was waiting to have a meeting with me. I wanted to look my best so she wouldn’t see a tired face. I needed my make-up to perform magic.

Dear Readers to read more please join us today with my blogging friend Tonya.  She so kindly has asked and encouraged me to share my testimony about depression.   I am humbled that she so graciously accepted me and my story.  With no passing judgments toward me, she lovingly has posted my testimony.  We both pray for our readers that they will be encouraged and blessed.

Depression is scary and hard.  So many people suffer alone.  If you are reading this post today and you struggle with depression, please know that there is another side to depression.  God loves you too much to leave you there.  Sometimes depression can seem to be the deepest and darkest place ever.  And sometimes one fears that there is no escape.  I understand how you feel.

For the second part of my story please click on the following link.

part one can also be found from the above link if you missed it

9 thoughts on “Frozen In An Icicle of Depression – Part 2 of 3

  1. My Lisa, your honest words make my heart ache for you… I too have been at the “bottom of the deep well” with no way out, begging God to help me, throw me a ladder please….. Our Heavenly Father helped me climb out, one rung at a time. Of this, I am so grateful. I think that depression humbles us. It teaches our hearts to be more empathetic. It makes us deeply feel our humanity…

    Sent from my mountain at Feathers In The Wind Ranch! ~Chirp…Chirp….Woof…Woof!~


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    • Hi My Sister Heidi, My heart aches for those who struggle with depression – I feel like God allowed me to hit rock bottom so that I could love on others. I will be posting stories about depression from other writers on my blog. One is going out this Saturday and next. Sometime in Feb or March I will be doing a series on depression. I think this is a topic that people need to talk about and not be ashamed of. Nobody should think they are the only one going through it. There truly is another side to depression and that is empathy and a realization that we will have struggles in this world. Thank You sister for showing me so much kindness and understanding when I share my struggles with you. You are so caring and so willing to reach out in love. Love You!!!


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