Last summer my husband introduced our six year old and four year old to skate parks. I thought he was out of his mind.


My son just learned to ride his scooter a little bit and my daughter pushed hers around while walking next to it. He got them skate boards that they barely could carry.

They are going to get killed I thought to myself.

If you never been to a skate park before, it is a place where adolescent boys like to hang out and be crazy. Sometimes they are loud, obnoxious, and downright rude.

Seriously, I don’t let my kids watch R rated movies because of the language. Yet, now they have been around ruthless kids, they have heard just about every bad word that is under the sun.

Skate parks have hills, bumps, pools, steps and jumps for the kids to go up and down.   There is nothing scarier than watching a long legged fast going teenager race past my little kids.

I had at least a hundred different scenarios going on in my head as I imagined calling 911 for head or back injuries.   I cussed my husband out in my head a few times too.

I can’t believe we survived.

Going to skate parks became a weekly event at the Brown house. My kids loved it and they were getting really good at riding their scooters and skateboards.   After a couple of months I started relaxing a bit and appreciating the athletic ability that it takes to ride through a skate park and not fall flat on your face. There were some really good skate boarders who did amazing tricks. It actually was fun watching them fly through the air.

Joy filled my heart as my kids developed skills and confidence.

My son is passionate about skateboarding and riding his scooter. He challenges himself with something new every time he goes to the park. He can’t wait for snow to melt and the sun to warm up Colorado so that he can go back.

I’m so glad that my husband took the time to help our kids do this.

I don’t let my kids know I that I’m scared. Because deep down inside, I wish that I could be brave enough to do tricks on a scooter too. I admire my kids for taking risks and getting up when they fall down.

I truly believe that the confidence they build at the skate park, will help them be strong when faced with challenges.


What is something you need to let your kids do, but you are too scared to let them?

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