Fall Book and Game Idea for Children


my kids fall 2013

My mom was a preschool teacher and when I was eight years old I went to help her. I grew up going with my mom and I learned to be a teacher. We had great times.

I remember my mom playing this really fun game. She would take the kids outside and go under a huge tree. She took a bed sheet, placed it on the ground and had the kids fill it up with leaves. Everyone held the sheet standing in a circle. Up and down they made it go with leaves bouncing all around.

Happy children sang a song as leaves danced before their eyes.

“Pretty leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down.

Pretty leaves are falling down all around us.   (shake hard so leaves fall off of sheet)

Take the rake and rake them up, rake them up, rake them up.” (children put leaves back on sheet)

This song is to the tune of, Mary Had A Little Lamb.

I have played this game several times when I was a teacher and now with my kids.

It’s quit a sight to see children’s laughter when leaves fly up in the air and fall to the ground.

I just recently discovered a children’s book that Justin and Kaylee enjoyed during mommy snuggle time. We love books at our house.

Leaf Jumpers by Carole Gerber

Carole writes on the inside of her front cover,

How many shapes and colors can you see in autumn leaves? Jump in and find out!”

After reading Leaf Jumpers we took a walk and kicked our feet through crunchy leaves. Neat sound!

It’s a great day to find some leaves to pile high and play in.


How about you? When you were a child what do you remember doing in the fall? Share a great memory with our readers!


12 thoughts on “Fall Book and Game Idea for Children

  1. Going to apple cider mills and getting warm cinnamon covered doughnuts. Crunching through the leaves to watch the cider making process with my warm snack in hand is a cherished memory. I got to share that with my girls when we went to Michigan in the fall of 2010.


    • Shannon what a great memory!!! You’re making me hungry by just reading your reply! I think it would be so fun to go to an apple cider mill. I wonder if there are any in Colorado?


    • It’s also really fun to sing while walking through the leaves. I love picking up the leaves and throwing them in the air over my kid’s heads while I sing. They also love throwing the leaves up in the air over their own heads and singing. Oh I can’t wait to finish school with the kids so that we can go play in the leaves.. Thanks Natasha for stopping by!!!

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    • Hi Sasha that is a great memory!! My kids love to bury themselves in the leaves. Our tree in our front yard is starting to turn yellow. My kids are getting so excited because they know that soon there will be leaves all around them to rake up. Thanks for stopping by.


      • How precious!! We went down to the river the other day and the leaves were falling in masses from the strong winds. My daughter was beyond herself with excitement as we ran and tried to catch them. BTW: it is IMPOSSIBLE to catch a falling leaf on a windy day. 🙂 The moment left me breathless with love for her. How much magic and beauty each season holds when there are kids involved!

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  2. Sasha my life is full of magic with having kids around to share God’s creation. Tonight my daughter and I went out on a little date. When we came home the wind was blowing and we could hear the leaves dancing down the street. It stopped me in my tracks and slowed me down. I felt so blessed that God would bring such beauty in my life.


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