Materials That Encourage Children To Be Creative


Children need to be creative without an adult telling them how they should do it.   Children come up with pretty amazing things when they are allowed to explore and discover a variety of material.

Not every lesson needs a follow direction craft or art project.   I’m not saying there is anything wrong with this.  We just need to make sure that creative kids express themselves just like God made them to be.

Freedom to think for self and discover how things work is critical in Early Childhood. Young children are curious and they will spend time on something if they can examine it, play with it, and experiment with it.   This is how children learn to problem solve.

To be an inventor or designer one must think for themselves.  A confident person gives the world something that it needs to make it a better place.

So relax when you see your child building, planning, and developing abstract art.

Check out the pictures and let your mind go wild with ideas.  Consider setting up some trays too.  I used veggie trays that I got from the Goodwill to organize material.

I feel excited and energized when I see this material.  I want to do something with it and so do kids!

DSC03166DSC03167 DSC03171

Now let me show you what my kids do with recycled material.  Make a space in your home where you can treasure recyclable things for free play.  I have one long and wide shelf in my basement for collectables.

DSC03202 DSC03200


I hope this encourages you Moms and Teachers to leave some time in your day for your children to engage in an open ended activity.  Remember the process of what we do is just as important as the end result.

Does your schedule or lesson plan allow time for this?  Do you agree or disagree with this kind of learning?

4 thoughts on “Materials That Encourage Children To Be Creative

  1. Yes, let them express themselves! Amen. My oldest loves to draw and create, and the artwork he does with little direction is some of his best. There are some materials here I had not thought of so thank you!

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    • Hi Abby thanks for dropping by. It is amazing what kids can draw with a plain piece of paper and crayons. Coloring books are fun – but the creative drawing of a child is a prize!!!!! I love when young kids start making people. Stick figures that look so awkward are fun to see.


  2. Hi there, Lisa! I think time and materials for creativity are so important. One thing that challenges me is just to let my kids be and do what they’re going to, without trying to give them my perfectionist ideas or input. My daughter’s very creative, but thinks differently than I do, so I try to let her “be.” Remembering when they were little and I’d give them an array of beautiful paints; they’d mix them together and make BROWN. But that was OKAY!


    • Hi Betsy – Thanks for stopping by!!!! My kids crack me up when it comes to paint! I bought this canvas and pretty paint. I was looking so forward to making hand prints for a memory keepsake.Well they resisted my help with making hand prints. Instead they just wanted to smear the paint all over the canvas. It turned brown. I gave them glitter to sprinkle on and it sparkled. Before I knew it they decided to paint all over themselves. I have pictures of this!!!! My pictures will have to do for a keepsake.


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