Facing And Overcoming Your Real Mom Fears


What if my child gets kidnapped while I am at the park?

What if I get killed when I ‘m alone with my kids and they are abandoned?

What if I fail my children?

What if I get too angry at my loved ones?

What if I can’t find my child when they wonder away?

I’m pretty sure that at one time or another every Momma has had these very same fears or similar ones.  I know I have and I’m done with it.  I am reading BRAVE MOM facing and overcoming your real mom fears.  By Sherry Surratt -President and CEO of Mops International.

For four weeks I’m going to be sharing with my blog readers what I’m learning from BRAVE  MOM.   I will  be honest about my fears and what God’s word says.  In Sherry Surratt’s book I am finding that I’m not alone in my messy fears. Sherry shares Biblical insight and practical suggestions on ways to face and overcome.

Every Friday Starting In November I will send out a post.  I invite you to join me on this journey.

Sherry asks great questions at the end of each chapter. Questions that challenge one to be honest, vulnerable, and to think realistically.

I will share some of her questions on my post for you readers to take a moment to comment on.  Let this be a real place where readers can say, “Me Too” and encourage one another.  Invite your blog friends to join us and lets overcome fear together!!!!

Your Turn?

What are the things that you worry about the most?  Try to put names to them (for example, turbulence, someone breaking in, fear that my child will be hurt). Where do these fears come from?  Do they come from an experience or somewhere else?

How do I see fear showing up in my life?  Is it affecting my habits (sleeping, eating, relaxing)?  Is it affecting my relationships or decisions?

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16 thoughts on “Facing And Overcoming Your Real Mom Fears

  1. My Lisa, I am looking forward to seeing more on this subject. It seems, that no matter how old my “children” get, I still have many fears. Fears for their safety, fears that they will never find that special someone to share their life with, fears that they will get cancer from smoking, fears that they will be homeless, ect…. Guess what? It does not stop there. I find that I worry about my grandchildren just as I did my little ones. It has been a lifelong process for me to learn that I can not control so many things. As you know, when you have no control, the fear sets in. Learning to trust that all things happen as they were meant to and that there is probably a preordained plan for our lives doesn’t really make me feel better. Learning to trust in our Heavenly Father’s plan for our life is truly hard for me. I keep trying… I hope to keep growing in wisdom, understanding and love while I am a child on this planet… Love you muchly… Thank you for sharing your blog with me…. Heidi

    Sent from my mountain at Feathers In The Wind Ranch! ~Chirp…Chirp….Woof…Woof!~


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    • Dearest Heidi my sister, thanks for joining me on this journey. It’s a tuff one. And I am so glad that I have my big sister to walk with me. I appreciate your honest reply to my post. You know Sis you shared something in your comment that is very real to many people including myself. You said, Learning to trust in our Heavenly Father’s plan for our life is truly hard. And I would have to say, Yes it is hard. I will be sharing scriptures and personal thoughts on how I see God helping me. I hope I don’t ever come across like I have arrived or preachy. When life hurts the last thing we want someone to tell us is to trust God. Saying this does not help. We have to learn for ourselves and in our own timing. When life seems unfair we need to be there for one another. Thanks for being there for me.


  2. Lisa, I think so many of us can relate to mother fears. I have fears, both totally irrational, and fears based on ever-so-slight possibility. Girding our minds with the Word of God and refusing to let Satan get a hold of us is so important, isn’t it? I fear that my home schooling won’t be “enough” to give my kids a good high school education. I fear that we’re messing them up by raising them here in the Middle East. So many fears.

    This sounds like a great book! I’m glad you’re doing this and look forward to reading more posts!


    • Thanks so much Betsy for sharing your honest fears. So many of us moms fear that we are going to mess up our kids somehow? I’m glad you will be joining us on this journey!!!


  3. I remember reading in one of Beth Moore’s studies about how our fears left in darkness only seem to grow in power. And she had us do an exercise where we wrote our our deepest fears (and as mother’s, I think we find that most of them end up relating to our children) and then a “so what?” A what happens then? And the answer might be, “I would grieve deeply, be hurt for a long time… and God would help me through it.” And acknowledging God’s presence in the outcome of that worst fear really removed some of the power from it. I’m not fearless now for that exercise. BUT I continue to practice it when a new one comes up… and it does truly help. Blessings to all of us on this journey of handing over our fear!


    • Hi Marcy thanks so much for coming by. I really like Beth Moore. My husband and I will tell each other our fears. When we do this it helps minimize the fear. When we keep it in our head it sits and grows. When I was pregnant I struggled with fear almost everyday. When I didn’t feel my baby move I would immediately jump to the conclusion that something was wrong. We have two very beautiful healthy children. But I did have one miscarriage. When this happened God did help me through it. We did grieve deeply and we did hurt for a very long time. Our fears do overpower us at times. Knowing that God is with us does take the power right out of the fear. And the hard thing is that fear still sticks around. The important thing is to not give any power to it. Don’t feed the fear. THIS IS NOT EASY AND WE WILL TALK MORE ABOUT IT IN THE WEEKS TO COME. So Marcy thanks for bringing up biblical truths. God does not promise a pain free life. But He does promise to be with us. Thanks for joining us on this journey.

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  4. Hi Lisa,

    I have never blogged so this will be new for me but I am looking forward to it. I have enjoyed reading what the other Moms have written too. I see I am not the only one who has or is going through these things. Since I am a much older mom, my kids are grown/gone, I look back and could have used a help like this. One time in a Target store in the toy area, I realized my daughter was not with me and I couldn’t find her. I was panicking. I had a couple other kids with me. Pretty soon over the PA, a lady came on and said “Attention Shoppers” and I knew they had her. They said they had a lost little girl (she was probably 5 or 6 at the time). I was never so relieved to rush to the front of the store. I sure watched our kids a lot closer, constantly taking head count. After that, I did a lot more praying when I went shopping or to the park for the Lord to watch over each one and keep them safe and me alert. Fear is a normal part of life and it helps keep us trusting in Jesus. Fortunately, He goes with us even in Target stores. I am looking forward to going through the book with you, Lisa. Thanks for including me.



    • Oh Jan I am so glad that you will be joining us. So blog world is a great place to be. I’m not sure if you know this or not, but when you go to my home page you can sign up to receive an email that I have posted. It’s helpful when following a series so one knows that a different post is ready. I just thought I’d share that in case you were interested too. Jan I like how you said fear is a normal part of our life. It keeps us on our toes and helps us trust Jesus. The fear that I don’t like is the fear that wraps itself around my neck and chokes me. Again Jan I feel so blessed that you will be participating. I enjoy seeing you at MOPS. You are so good to all of us!!!!


  5. How do I see fear showing up in my life? I’m gonna go out on a limb and be honest about that. We recently moved almost 500 miles to a different state, and I am afraid of failure – although I don’t know for sure how I would define that term… I am afraid we’ll struggle financially on an ongoing basis. I’m anxious for us to be settled, which for me means living in a home we can afford and know we’ll be in long term. I’ve been in prayer about these things, and have been waiting on an answer from God, who I know has a plan for us and meant for us to be here.


    • Hi Liz, Thanks so much for coming by!!! And thanks for being honest. Liz fear of failure is my battle too. And I’m not sure how to define the term either. Maybe that is something we can all touch on in the weeks to come in this series? This is a struggle for many. I fear that I’m going to fail at home-school. When I first started home-school it was a new thing and I wasn’t sure what curriculum I should use. Fear and anxiousness comes knocking on our door when big changes happen. How do we transition in life and walk in confidence? We can talk about this more too in the weeks to come. Liz you have made a huge move. WOW! I know I get stuck on What ifs? Hypothetical fears ring in my ears trying to pull me down so that the enemy can pounce on me and take away my joy. In our book Brave Mom the writer challenges me to think differently. Instead of worrying about all the bad things that might happen, think instead on God, the one who loves us and created us. We can ask ourselves instead, What are you going to do God? I’d like to talk more about this in our series. Share scripture and stories!!!!! Liz I believe God has some amazing things in store for you. I will be praying comfort and peace for you during this new season in your life. What is our amazing and loving God going to do for you Liz? Great things!!!! Blessings to you and thanks for all that you do. Thanks for sharing God’s truth to other Moms.


  6. I have thought of so many of these questions! I try not to let them enter my mind, and replace them with positive thoughts, but still, they like to creep in from time to time. I am really looking forward to reading your mini series on this!

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    • Hi Sasha I am so glad that you will be joining us. You brought up a really good point in your comment.about not letting the scary what ifs creep into our mind. Our minds need to be tuned into the good news of truth. And for me that is the word of God. I look forward to sharing scriptures that we can focus on instead of fear. Please feel free to share your positive thoughts you choose to use to combat unwanted thoughts.


  7. Hi Lisa. Thanks for sharing this. I really do try to trust in the Lord and put my anxieties at his feet. This really helps, but I’m human, so I still feel fear sneak up on me once in a while. The biggest: that my kids will stay on the “good” path in the midst of all of the darkness and temptation in this life!


  8. Hi Natasha thanks for coming by. I hope my kids stay on the right path too. There is so much temptation. But God is bigger than anything in this world and nothing can ever separate us from the love of Christ. And great is He who is in us than he who is in the world. The king of kings is in and all around our children. The hard part is that our kiddos are going to have to someday make their own choices about God – just like we do. I hope you can join us for our four week series.


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