First Aid For Emotional Well-being.


“Every time I climb on to a plane, I hand over the control of my life to the pilot. I trust he knows what he is doing. I’ve learned I can trust God even more.”  Quote from Brave Mom by Sherry Surratt (pg132).

This morning I had a horrible taste in my mouth and an awful stomach ache.  It wasn’t the stomach flu, thank goodness.  However, I’m embarrassed to admit, it was from eating too many potato chips and popcorn last night.  I think I might of ate a whole bag of chips except for the ones I shared.  And than there was the can of popcorn.   The caramel popcorn got the best of me.

I cope and comfort myself with food.  Do you ever have those moments in life where fear sneaks up on you and attacks?  I was having an emotional moment last night.

This morning while I sat on my couch holding my aching stomach, it occurred to me that my emotional battles are all about trust.   Who do I trust with my life and family?  Who or what do you trust?

There are so many things in life that I have no control over. This makes me anxious. Food only comforts me for a moment.  I need everlasting security.

I choose to put my trust in God and even though I don’t always seek Him first in my battles, I eventually do and He never fails me.

This coming up Friday my series on facing and overcoming your real mom fears will start.  Come join us. Lets learn together what it means to be a brave mom.

Following is a quote from the book that I will be discussing.  Brave Mom by Sherry Surratt.

“I’ve come to know that trust is the antidote to fear. When we trust God completely with our life and the lives of those most precious to us, we admit we are powerless to control the outcome, and we hand it over to the God who is in control.  On a human level, it doesn’t make sense, but I know God’s love is all I need, and I trust in it.  First John 4:18b says, Perfect love drives out fear.”  This isn’t talking about our need to love perfectly or to be perfect in our faith, in order to not be afraid.  But rather, it’s a call to experience God’s perfect love for us, the kind that covers us even when we crumble under the scary things before us.  And when we do, our fear is replaced with complete trust in a faithful God.” (pg.131)

When I focus my attention on who God  is and what He says in His word, the bags of chips, chocolate, and popcorn stay safe on the shelf.  And I don’t wake up with a stomachache.

How about you?  Who and what do you put your trust in?  How’s it working out for you?

4 thoughts on “First Aid For Emotional Well-being.

  1. I love this! Thanks for reminding me He is in control and all the chocolate in the world won’t change that. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your heart, can’t wait to read the upcoming series!

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