Home – Shaped By The Creative Hand Of God.


Artist Susan Rios

“The kingdom of home is the place of refuge, comfort, and inspiration.  It is a rich world where great souls can be formed, and from which men and women of great conviction and dedication can emerge.  It is the place where the models of marriage, love, and relationship are emulated and passed on to the next generation.  One of the great losses of this century is the lost imagination for what the home can be if shaped by the creative hand of God’s Spirit.”  Sally Clarkson

I love Sally Clarkson’s quote.

I consider Sally to be my Mentor.  She is wise and filled with years of experience.  Recently I just finished one of her books – Desperate and now I am reading Ministry of Motherhood.  Her words inspire me and in my future blogs I will be quoting her quit a bit.

My post this week is short.  I have so much to write and such little time.  We have been on vacation with the kids Grandparents the last four days.  The fall leaves here in Colorado are amazing.

I would love to tell you all about it but my kids are having a hard time falling asleep and my Kaylee needs a band aid.   And I have planning to do for home school.

I do have some writing in the works and I look forward to posting.

Take Care and I will meet you back here in a few days.

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