I’m passionate about reading children’s books to my kids. I read out loud to inspire Justin and Kaylee to be readers. I believe that it’s my responsibility as a parent to help them be passionate too.

Parents we enrich our children’s lives by reading topics that are of interest and are meaningful.

I think this quote says it all.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.” — Dr. Seuss

We were coming home from the library when we drove by a house in our neighborhood that had a huge spider web that literally covered almost the whole front yard with two very big black spiders crawling on the web and ground. These spiders were almost the same size as a toddler.

My six year old boy and four year old girl thought it was pretty cool. Kaylee exploded with excitement and told us that she wanted to be a spider for Halloween.  Just a few weeks away.

It’s been a season with real yucky little spiders crawling all over outside making webs in our garden, trees, and in the grass. These critters have crawled in our house and feasted on our children while they slept. Just writing this makes me itch and squirm. Sorry, I’m not trying to creep you out.  I used to be o.k. with spiders until they started marching in and attacking.

My kids are not too traumatized by these little beasts. They kind of like creepy crawly things despite the bites.

They love to hold Rosie the Tarantula at the Butterfly Pavilion which I have not held and not planning on it either. Maybe someday???

As much as I really don’t like these critters I’m amazed by spider webs. Their webs are incredible. God’s creation is filled with wonder. I find great pleasure in taking my kiddos exploring and when we come across one we are thrilled.

Some children have real fears about spiders. The children’s book that I highly recommend for toddlers and preschoolers is listed below with great detail. Children who freak out when they see a spider just might find spiders interesting after they read this book.

Children who think spiders are awesome will be thrilled about this book too. I like to read this book when I’m talking about God’s creation, bugs, or for science.

It’s a must have book!

The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carl

About This Book

Following description from Scholastic reading club

Early one morning, a little spider begins to spin her web on a fence post. One by one, the animals of the nearby farm try to divert her, each with its own sound and species-specific enticement: “Maa! Maa!” said the goat. “Want to jump on the rocks?” “Oink! Oink!” grunted the pig. “Want to roll in the mud?” Continuing patiently with her work, the industrious spider doesn’t answer. She has a busy day ahead of her, but at the end she will be able to show the animals that her web is both beautiful and very useful.

Young readers and listeners can feel the anticipation of the story by literally feeling the spider’s creation itself: each line of the web is raised, making the excitement of its growth in size and complexity a tactile experience. Vibrant collages depicting familiar animals offer a colorful visual contrast to the web’s delicate strands, while the rhythmic, repetitive text encourages vocal participation.  Scholastic

Your turn

Share a book that you like to read to your kids or share a book that you enjoyed reading when you were a child!

3 thoughts on “BOOKS FOR CHILDREN

  1. We are huge Eric Carl fans, but have someone missed this one! I am going to go check it out at my library next time! We are huge Curious George people these days. I always secretly pray my daughter never tries to mimic some of little George’s ways though! 🙂


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