God Cares About You and Your Family




It hurts my heart when I see broken families. Family members are living in fear and anger. There is so much division going on between loved ones. There are sad little ones crying in bed at night while listening to glass breaking, doors slamming, and words cutting to the heart.

This world has a Savior who cares for all families. He knocks on all doors asking to come in. Every family has to choose who they are going to serve.

My home is home because of my family. We live life together because God created us to be four hearts beating as one in His spirit. We have a six year old boy and four year old girl.

I believe that family stays connected when they seek God and pray together. Family grows strong when they read and talk about God’s word. We are a happy family filled with the living spirit of God.

Today I invite you to come into my home. We are not perfect but God is our only hope for peace and joy.

My living room is the first place you see when you walk in the front door. Let’s sit on my couch for a moment. This is where we read stories, snuggle, watch shows, eat meals, and pray. When we have rough days my son will take me to this couch and we ask God for help.

In the late evenings I seek God for strength to help me carry on as a Wife and Mother. I don’t get up until I’m rested.   When I’m still I see how amazing God is. He creates beauty. He is worthy to be praised.

Pictures on my living room wall remind me that God has chosen me to be a wife and mom. Memories bring me joy and strength fills my soul. Pictures tell a story and help me remember what I have.

In my Kitchen we eat and pray together. We have great conversations during meal times.

My son wants to know when Jesus is coming back and what Heaven is like. Why did Jesus die on the cross? Does everybody love God? Are there bad angels? Do good angels fight against bad ones? Who is Satan and did God create him? What happens to people who don’t believe in Jesus?

My four year old daughter wants to know if God is in her heart and how can God be everywhere? We equip our children for life as we share the gospel and pray together. Our children will be prepared for battle and they will know how to fight for truth.

We homeschool in our kitchen!   On every cabinet there is children’s art work. The walls are covered too. I sip coffee at my kitchen table and ask God to guide me. Help me Lord to be patient, kind, and loving. Help me Lord to teach and encourage and He does help me.

Jesus is the Shepherd over our home. We are His little sheep in desperate need. We live life completely dependent on our Savior. We thank God for everything. Nothing can separate us from God’s love as we meditate night and day on truth. We can’t do it without Him.

Now it’s your turn. Will you invite us into your home and share with us how your family invites God into your day to day life?


Our Kitchen School room filled with art





2 thoughts on “God Cares About You and Your Family

  1. Praise God for his faithfulness in your family and thank you for sharing your story with us it will really be helpful to other families to may God bless your family more abantently.

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