Healthy Snacks Made Fun By Children

So much fun making on snack

The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round all Through The Town

Justin and Kaylee made their own snack and they used a Follow-the-Directions Flip Chart.  I found this Flip Chart at Banks, a school supply store by our house. It has 12 healthy, No- Cook Recipes by Pamela Chanko.

SONY DSC  This flip chart gives step by step directions with pictures.  It’s a great tool to help young learners to listen and follow directions. Activities like this builds self-confidence and independence.


This is super easy to make. First bite one corner off of graham cracker and set aside.  Justin and Kaylee mixed their own yellow food coloring into their cream cheese and then spread it all over their graham cracker.  For the windows they put on three cereal squares.  Tomatoes were cut in half for the tires and a raisin for the head light.

This was Justin’s first time to eat cream cheese.  He would not touch it before when I offered it to him.

We sang, “The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round All Through The Town.”

Justin also made a red and white bus and Kaylee did a pink bus.  They created their Daddy one too.  Both kids were so proud of themselves.

After this activity Kaylee at age four pretended to write her own recipe down.  She had lots of scribbles on her paper.  Soon Kaylee will be drawing pictures and sounding out words to create a recipe.  When she does, I will buy her the ingredients.  She is very creative, all on her own she put whipping cream on her peanut butter sandwich and it was good.

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