Frozen In An Icicle of Depression – Part 3 of 3

anna and elsa holding hands

Image from Movie Frozen

It takes courage for you and me to be brave enough to share our stories.

You may or may not struggle with depression. But more than likely there is something that you are walking through that is difficult. Whatever that is, it does not define who you are.

I struggle with depression, but it doesn’t define me.

Depression doesn’t make me any lesser of a person than someone who doesn’t struggle with it. It’s a weakness that keeps me dependent on God.  

It takes faith daily for me to trust God with my sadness, frustrations, and fears. I’m healing and it’s a hard painful process. My journey is far from being over.

you can find the rest of my story, part 1 and part 2 here-

9 thoughts on “Frozen In An Icicle of Depression – Part 3 of 3

  1. Lisa… I just read through all three parts of this. I am so inspired by your courage, your faith, and your will power. I have not experienced what you have gone through, but even in my own struggles I find complete hope and reassurance in your story. Thanks so much for being you, and following God’s purpose for your life… you are a blessing!

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