God’s Post Cards


I go through seasons in my life where I have no energy and I feel empty.   There are moments where I just feel like my head is in a fog. I overeat to fill up. A full belly temporarily helps me until my tummy gets grumpy. I drag my feet to get work done.   In times like this I get so weak that depression sneaks up.

I’m learning to take care of myself before depression devours me. I must have time to fill up on God’s beautiful creation. He wants to walk and talk with me. He wants to tell me that I’m His. He wants to speak to me through nature. Hardly ever do I put this time with God on my to-do-list.   SONY DSC

My struggle is that I focus more on what I should do for others and not on what my needs are.

I don’t know why I do this to myself. I’m sure that once I figure it out, I can fix my messy self.

There is one thing that I do know. I need my camera, nature and time with God while walking through the woods. Taking pictures is like drinking a cold glass of water in the desert.

It’s the birds singing lovely melodies that set my spirit free. I want to celebrate life when I see leaves dancing in the trees.   My soul calms by quiet lakes while I rest with my Creator. Rivers clean my mind so that I can hear God whisper in my ears.

I wish I was there now.

I feel like myself when I bring my camera and I take a walk with God through open meadows and down rocky roads. Joy fills me when I study pictures of a sunset or a rose budding or a butterfly, or mountains standing tall, or children laughing……..

Printed pictures are like a personal post card from God.  


I got to go where I can breathe and be with God. I want to dance and sing with God in the woods. It’s time to schedule it in. Until then, I will look at post cards that I took when I was with Him.

SONY DSCLinking with Beloved Brews Thursday @ Faith Barista. Fellow writers in Bonnie’s community are sharing their “one-words” for 2015

4 thoughts on “God’s Post Cards

  1. Your “postcards” are beautiful. I can feel such peace while looking at them….

    Sent from my mountain at Feathers In The Wind Ranch! ~Chirp…Chirp….Woof…Woof!~



    • Hi Sister Heidi, I can’t wait to come the Feathers In The Wind Ranch and take pictures from your balcony. Real soon and we will be knocking on your door!!!!


    • Thanks for coming by. Yes God is a marvelous Creator and just to think He did all of this for us, He loves us so much. I bet He smiles when He sees His children delight themselves in His wondrous work. To let our hearts dance in God’s presence is right where He wants us to be.

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