What Did Jesus Do?



Most recently, God has shown me the opportunities I have been given to teach my children, but so many times I rush right past it. 

I give instructions like this: “Clean your room.”  “Call your Grandma and tell her thank you.”  “Get off your electronics now.”

And on and on … the instructions we give our kids seem endless.  And then we get this…

“WHYYYYYYY?”  {I bet you just heard the voice of your child play in your head there didn’t you!? Me too.}


Before reading on I would like to first introduce you to Rachel the Author of

What Did Jesus Do {Parenting Edition}

Rachel writes about Jesus, everyday life, family, and more. She is an honest writer with encouraging posts. I been following Rachel’s Parenting Edition and we are on week four now. I find this series to be very insightful!!! I asked Rachel if I could link my readers to her post and Thankfully she said, “Yes!”

To find out more about Rachel and to read the rest of this post,

You Can Link Up Here – http://wp.me/p5uNWs-iP

Rachels Blog

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