Writing Opportunity For A Blogging Series. Invitation By Lisa Brown



Do you have a story about being a writer that will encourage other writers?   We need contributors who are willing to share their journey about the ups and downs of blogging, publishing a book, and learning to grow as a disciplined writer.

God has called many of us to write to inspire others.  Some of us are Bloggers, Authors, or Article Writers.   We use words and stories to encourage and bring hope to a hurting world.

Some of us have written for all of our lives and many of us are bran new.  No matter how much experience we have or don’t have, there is always another writer who has something to say about their journey as a writer that will inspire us.

We can learn so much from one another and we all can encourage each other.

My Hope and Vision For This Blogging Series

Readers will be inspired to read Contributors books and blogs. Interested writers will step up and follow God’s calling on their life. Writers will discover the next step they need to take to grow their blog and/or write a book. Contributors and readers will connect. 

And I pray that you will see this as an opportunity to encourage, inspire, and advice writers who want to write a book, start a blog, or grow their blog.

What I need from you

Word Count for posts – 500-1000 words
Important – Send me post on a Word Document and attach to email – lisadesign@comcast.net

I’d like for you to share your writing journey by sharing your story. When did you start? How did you know you were called to be a writer? Who encouraged you? Share your battles and what you have learned about yourself along the way as a writer. Share what you have written and tell us about it. Encourage readers to read your work.

Following are some things writers want to know and struggle with. Please don’t feel you have to address all of these. But maybe part of your story is that you have worked through these issues and you would like to share your experience.

Do I have what it takes? I don’t think I am good enough. I feel called but I don’t know how to start? I feel a huge conflict between spending time writing and spending time with family. Who would read my stuff anyway? How do I go about publishing my book? How do I get started with writing a book? I have writers block. How much of my story should I share? How do I let others know about my blog and books without being a bother? I want a bigger platform and I am unsure how to do this. How much time do I want to spend on social media? My book has been rejected and I don’t know what to do next. No one is reading my blog. Why don’t people leave comments on my blog? How do other writers find things to write about? Where do writers get inspiration? I can’t get out of my head.

And as you all know the questions, confusion, worries, fears, and struggles go on and on.

Together we can create a series that inspires writers to write for God and to follow His lead.
Let me know if you have any questions.


17 thoughts on “Writing Opportunity For A Blogging Series. Invitation By Lisa Brown

  1. I so wish I had the time to participate in this! Life is pretty full at the moment! 🙂 I will pass this along to a couple others who may be interested and will be praying for all involved! Excited to start reading this series!


  2. I admit that I was drawn into this site due to the picture of the Remington typewriter. I would love to have such a treasure. I remember when writing was all either done by hand or on such a typewriter. Because of this, I learned only a few short years ago that I love to write. More correctly, I love when I can successfully communicate my thoughts onto the paper. My handwriting is not always legible, and writing just one page of text on such a typewriter without making mistakes was a herculean effort for me. I was known to have to write it up to ten times in order get a good copy. No, I am not confused as to the submission rules; this is not my submission. I just want to say that although I have only one self-published novel on the market, and I have not made up my mind if I will submit my story; I do think this is a wonderful idea. In fact, I am encouraged to write (my novel) just by coming to this page, so already you are achieving your goal to encourage writers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You make me smile Aslaug and I hope you do share more about your writing journey with us. You have my full attention. Yikes – writing on a typewriter and making no mistakes. Thanks for leaving a message and stopping by.


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