Busy Families and Angry Kids – Parenting Tips by Lisa Brown (finding peace)



Out of curiosity I was drawn to a Facebook group discussion about children and meditation.  A parent was wondering if Christians should teach their kids to meditate.   It was indeed an interesting debate.   Some felt meditation is o.k. if the child is encouraged to focus on things of God.  Others were concerned that some of the meditation practices are too spiritual from the New Age movement and not Christ centered.    Several see it as an opportunity to teach kids to calm down and learn to breathe.

As I was reading through everyone’s comments I found one thing in common. 

Adults are looking for a cure to calm down frustrated children who are acting out in anger.   Since many adults have found quiet through meditation they assume that this is what kids need too.

My opinion is that we need to get to the root of the matter.

The problem is that families today are too busy.   We have too many things to do.   High expectations are put on our kids to perform way above their developmental level.    Individual temperaments are overlooked.    Our schedules are tiring kids out.    Many kids today do not know how to be still because they have no space or time to just breathe.   Instead of finding fulfillment in God’s love they are constantly on the search for happiness elsewhere.

Basically the average family needs to learn how to rest in God’s presence and it’s in His loving arms that we learn to breathe.  

The first thing we need to do to calm our souls down is prioritize our list of things we do.  We can’t do it all and we shouldn’t expect our kids to either.  Even if they appear to have fun in their activities they will eventually get overwhelmed with exhaustion.   When there is grumpy behavior life must slow down.

Say “no” to things and activities. Don’t overcommit.

-When we teach our kids about God we are helping them see that they are not alone.  We show them through faith and hope that He we will protect us.  Kids find great comfort in this.   Read Bible stories or kids inspirational books.  Take walks together and listen.  Sing songs!!

Take time to pray as a family!!!

-Provide quiet time every day.  Kids need different things and it’s up to us to learn what that is.  Some need a long warm bath or color.    This is not the time to turn on the television but instead fill the air with worship music like instrumental piano.   Hold stuff animals or love on the family pets.   Snuggle!

Create a quiet time with pillows, blankets, and take time out to rest with kids.

-Take care of yourself.  When our souls are full we parent from a place of calmness.  Our gentleness will help our children live with peace.  And a peaceful child is a happy child filled with joy.

The things to be meditated upon come from God and His word is filled with scripture. When we think on His truths we transform into beings who are filled with God’s living spirit.   The Holy Spirit is the only spirit that our children’s mind should be filled with.

Find strength in Jesus

Spend time with Him.



Hi I’m Lisa the creator of this blog.   Thank you for stopping by and sharing your time with me.   I’m a Homeschooling Mom and it is awesome.  Well most of time.  

I have an eight year old boy and six year old daughter.  My husband and I are in love with each other and we enjoy our children.  Well most of time.

Living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado is amazing and God fills us with His glory daily.

I’m a writer and I blog to inspire, encourage, and help parents.  Before I was married I worked for over twenty years in Early Childhood Education.   I have a Bachelors in Social Work and Early Childhood.  

I’m also the creator of  Gathering Place For Sisters In Christ – Posts About Christian Living .  Love to have you meet with me there too.    I’ve been a Christian for more than forty years.    I’m very thankful that Jesus is my Lord and Savior.  He is indeed the King of Kings.   


2 thoughts on “Busy Families and Angry Kids – Parenting Tips by Lisa Brown (finding peace)

  1. This is a great post. I found myself frazzled this morning trying to make it to homeschool co-op. And I made the decision to just stay home and recover from the weekend. And you know what, it was like a breath of fresh air and my oldest child calmed down after having a bit of a meltdown with all he had to do to get ready.


    • Chelsea thank you so much for stopping by and sharing. I like letting my kids sleep as much as they need at this little age. I love homeschooling because I don’t have to make them get up at any certain time. It just works our for our family that we do it this way. But we also belong to a co-op and they look forward to it -but if we are doing too much it really is hard for them to get up. I just think good sleep for everyone is good. It used to bother me that I didn’t have my kids on a strict schedule. We have a very flexible schedule and it really helps go with the flow and mix things up when there is a lot of great things to do. It looks like I almost could write another post here. Anyway, thanks again for sharing.


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