Rough Housing kids and Tired Moms. Parenting Tips by Lisa Brown


I would not be able to stay as connected with others if it were not for texting and emails.   This makes me sad because it’s not as personal as a phone call, or real card in the mail, or a surprise drop by visit.  Now that my kids are older it’s getting somewhat easier to visit in person with others.

But when moms have toddlers technology does work to their advantage.   

Moms are busy with little ones and have to get creative when it comes to staying connected with others.

Toddlers are constantly on the move and need supervision all the time.  They don’t stay in one place for very long or at least long enough to finish a cup of coffee and read an article from a parenting magazine.    And it’s nearly impossible to finish reading a blog post before little curious George gets into some kind of mischief.

So I’m going to get straight to the point and make it quick.

Toddlers need big spaces with very little limits. 

I was on Facebook the other day reading questions from moms about parenting.  There was a mom who has a little one who will not stop jumping on her couch.  When she tells him to stop he takes the cushions off of the couch and jumps with the cushions on the floor.    She is overwhelmed by his rough housing and not respecting her things or space.  She has one room in her house that is off limits and that is the room her child keeps going into   She is frustrated because he doesn’t obey her “no”.  Her head is about to fall off and she is ready to pull her hair out.   And I get it!

I remember those days and I also worked in childcare with toddlers for several years. 

Toddlers test every boundary and challenge every “no”.  It’s what they all do and they are really good at it.   They never run out of energy!!!   But we do and so I’m going to share some tips with you.    The following ideas are for children age’s two to four.

I surrendered most of my space in my house for the kids to have fun.  I put away my special treasures until the kids got older.   Now that my kids are six and eight I expect them to be careful and respectful.   Little kids need to be taught how to care for the things in our homes but we can’t expect them to at such a little age.   If you must, put up gates and lock doors to keep them out.   I did.

Put away those things in your home that are important to you.  For  just a season.

-Little kiddos need more space then things!!!  In any childcare setting you will see that the toddler room is the biggest room compared to others.  If not it should be.   It’s at this age that they are developing their gross motor skills.  If they can’t move around freely they are unhappy.  They bite and hit because they are frustrated.   Having this background knowledge served me well as a mom.

My living room floor was covered with a big blue gymnastic mat instead of a carpet.   I had a climber with a slide that sat on the mat.   Call me crazy but seriously it kept me from going crazy.   I gave up beauty for sanity.   The kids had a blast!!!  I parented from a place of rest.   We had an indoor exercise jumping trampoline that we exchanged for a large outdoor trampoline when our kids were five and six.

Create an indoor space for climbing, jumping, and rocking and rolling!!

Have a hands on collection of big pillows for jumping on, boxes to climb through and over, blankets to roll up in or use to drape over something, big stuff animals to hug and soft balls to throw!!!    Store these things somewhere where you can easily get to them and put them back.

Keep fun things around like a tent and tunnel!!!

Our home was known as the coolest play group house!!!   And the best part of it all was that when Mom friends came to hang out we were able to visit while our kids played safely.



Hi I’m Lisa the creator of this blog.   Thank you for stopping by and sharing your time with me.   I’m a Homeschooling Mom and it is awesome.  Well most of time.  

I have an eight year old boy and six year old daughter.  My husband and I are in love with each other and we enjoy our children.  Well most of time.

Living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado is amazing and God fills us with His glory daily.

I’m a writer and I blog to inspire, encourage, and help parents.  Before I was married I worked for over twenty years in Early Childhood Education.   I have a Bachelors in Social Work and Early Childhood.  

I’m also the creator of  Gathering Place For Sisters In Christ – Posts About Christian Living .  Love to have you meet with me there too.    I’ve been a Christian for more than forty years.    I’m very thankful that Jesus is my Lord and Savior.  He is indeed the King of Kings.   


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