Podcast Special by Lisa Brown


Don’t we all wish that we had the energy of a toddler?   

They are constantly on the move and the minute we let them out of our sight they do something they shouldn’t. 

When we finally catch up to them and discover the trouble they are in, we tell them “no” or “stop”

And what do they typically do? 

They keep doing it.  They don’t stop even when our voice is serious.   They don’t seem to care what we want.    And that’s because they’re too busy to pay attention to us and they probably wonder why we don’t join in. 

It’s tiring, isn’t it?

I will answer this question in my podcast!  Where is my Toddler’s Off Button?

Podcast Is Over At The Family Roadmap – Our newest Blog!!!  It’s an exciting day!  This is my first Podcast!!!   Podcast – Where Is My Toddlers Off Button?

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