You Are Capable – Parenting Tip By Lisa Brown


My eight year old son and six year old daughter enjoy going grocery shopping with me.   We make it an eventful outing.  We get free cookies from the baker!  They get to put one penny in the little horse for a ride.  I let them each pick out a package of chips to share with the family and sometimes an ice-cream carton or a package of their favorite cookies.

In the midst of our fun we also work together.   The kids help me find the groceries.   They know what to pick out and where it is.   They are starting to read the labels and tell me the price. The kids are so proud of themselves.   They are capable because I expect them to be!!!  They both help me unload the groceries and put them away.

Eventually I will show them how to use coupons and advertisements from the paper.  I’m still working on getting my act together and collecting these things so that we can save money.  I’m just happy that I get myself out the door with two super energetic kids.

When I’m in a hurry and I need to make a quick stop at the store I leave them at home with Dad.  It offends them if I don’t take the extra time to let them help.  When my kids feel rushed they always act out.   I get mad and they revert to toddlers.  It’s ridiculous.

I trust my two kids and they like that.  They know I believe in them because I allow them to be helpers.   I’m showing them that they are smart little thinkers who can figure things out.

A child who feels capable is confident in his own abilities.  The more confident one feels the more things one will try to achieve in life.    This screams out success!!!

I figure the long drawn out shopping trips are so worth it!!!

What is something that you let your kids help you with?








2 thoughts on “You Are Capable – Parenting Tip By Lisa Brown

  1. I love this, Lisa! You and I often seem to be on the same page…this fits perfectly with my post from yesterday! 😃 Training up capable, independent people takes time but is so so worth it, yes?

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