Leaders Keep Friends Together


There have been seasons in my life where I have had more time on my own then with friends or family.  Friends move away or life gets busy. Disagreements happen and hearts are broken.

High school friends graduated and went different directions.  In my twenties my college and church friends got married and had babies.  I stayed single.

In my thirties my friends were the people I worked with.

I was forty when God brought me my amazing husband.  At age forty two we both became parents for the first time.   My circle of friends at that time didn’t have newborns.

While friends were at work or doing activities with their older kids, I was at home holding my precious baby in my lap rocking him to sleep with tears running down my cheeks because there was no other mom around me in the same boat.

I went to parks and saw parents in their twenties visiting with each other while they pushed their toddlers on the swings.   I knew of moms that had siblings with kids close to the same age as theirs.   On holidays and weekends their kids had friends to play with.    Mine didn’t.

When my first child was four months old, I worried that he was not going to have any friends, and it was going to be all my fault.

I felt disappointed that I had no one to call over for a cup of coffee and small talk.  I was sad when I had no one to celebrate those special momma moments with.   I felt like I was a bad mom and I had no one to share my concerns with.

I was exhausted from sleep deprivation during the first several months. Post-partum depression was kicking me in the butt. I felt like God forgot about my need for fellowship with His beloved daughters.

I started to question my will and God’s will to be a stay at home mom.  I didn’t feel like I could do it.  I was overwhelmed with household tasks and things breaking down in our home.  My forty two year old body was recovering from a C-section, blood clot, and infections.  This was not what I imagined Motherhood to be.  I had no girl friend to pray for me.

A heaviness came over me and I felt lifeless.  This scared me.

When my son was four months old I decided that I needed to get out of this rut and find me some Moms to hang out with.  And God came through for me.  But I had to be willing to reach out and look up.

To find out how I took the initiative to build awesome mom relationships, you can find the rest of my story here.  


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