Setting Up Winter Art Center For Children


Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I missed posting, but I also enjoyed focusing on one thing and that of course was my family.  So I am glad to be back.  I’m  excited to share this post with all of you.  It’s about art and I love kids art!!!!

I’m not as brave as some might be about Black Friday Shopping.  I just can’t bring myself to doing it.  Crowds and me being an introvert, doesn’t mix well, if you know what I mean.

But, on Thanksgiving night Michaels our craft store had a huge sale.  Sixty percent off on almost all items.  I had to go for the item I wanted was included in this sale.

On our way home from dinner I asked my husband if we could just check and see how busy it was.  Parking lot wasn’t too bad and there were no long lines.  I left my husband and very tired kids in the car.

I reassured him that it would only take twenty minutes. I knew exactly what I wanted!!!!  A craft cart with ten drawers.

When I first walked in they were no where to found.  I asked a customer if she knew and right in front of our feet, she pointed to the very last one.  Yes!!!!  I was pretty thankful!!!!

My husband set up my craft cart and I filled it with winter art supplies for my six year old and four year old.  Today was our first day.  My kids loved it.   Our art center is open and available for the kids to use whenever they feel creative.  It is their area to be artists in their own fashionable way.

It is so simple and easy to set up an art center for your children.  Here are some pictures of what I put in each drawer.  I plan to change it out from time to time.

DSC06053 DSC06054 DSC06055 DSC06056 DSC06057 DSC06058 DSC06059 DSC06060 DSC06061 DSC06062 DSC06063 DSC06064

My daughter made an amazing wall mural out of cardboard and tissue paper.  She added her homemade snow man and some beautiful rocks, ribbon…..  Well, you will just have to check out the pictures.  I put the pictures in order to show you each step that she took.  . She wants to wrap it and give it to one of our special Momma friends who we do home school with!!!!

DSC06067 DSC06070 DSC06072DSC06069DSC06068DSC06076DSC06073DSC06078

Justin did some crafting with some lace and stickers.  However, he was more interested in drawing Star Wars characters and making a book.  I was a proud Home School Mom today as Justin started writing his own sentences and sounding out the words he wanted to spell.  In our art area is a stapler and all kinds of different paper to stimulate drawing and writing.  It was so exciting for me to see my son utilizing the writing material.

DSC06065 DSC06071 DSC06083 DSC06090

At last, Kaylee finished out the art day with water color painting on canvas!!!!

DSC06088 DSC06089

Thank You for stopping by and checking out our Art Center!!!


4 thoughts on “Setting Up Winter Art Center For Children

  1. That is so great, it was meant to be!! 🙂 I did black Friday ONE time and can’t say I’m every in a hurry to do it again either. I hope you get lots of good fridge decor with the use of that cart 🙂


  2. What a great idea! My oldest son is very creative so this is giving me some ideas for him. 🙂 I am like you. I don’t do crowds very well, especially a Black Friday type crowd. I couldn’t bring myself to go out. Cyber Monday is more my style. 😉 Thanks for sharing!

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