For My Blogger Friends and Followers – Happy Thanksgiving


What can I say when every picture says it all?  I Just want to share a little Thanksgiving treat for all my Blogger Friends and Followers.  Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.  Enjoy the pictures and thanks so much for being a part of my blog community. 

I will be taking some time off from posting until next week for Thanksgiving Break. Brave series will be postponed until next week too.

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6 thoughts on “For My Blogger Friends and Followers – Happy Thanksgiving

    • Thank You for stopping by. Rachael this is a bit crazy, But I left you right here a really nice Thanksgiving encouragement note. I am not sure if you got it or not??? But I erased it because when I went through my comments I did not recognize you on your new picture. I thought oh no, I sent a personal note to the wrong Rachael. And she wont know what I am talking about. So I got rid of it. Now I see that the picture is of you. And it is a great picture by the way. I can’t remember exactly what I said. But here is some of what I can remember. I am so glad to see you writing and pursuing your ministry of writing. You are very gifted and it is so refreshing to see someone use their talents to glorify God. I am Thankful for you and your blog. I look forward to reading your posts. Keep it up!!!!! You are a blessing. And now because it is after Thanksgiving. I will end by saying, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.


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