While you are in this dark valley

Find the Lovely

Photo credit: demondimum via morgueFile Photo credit: demondimum via morgueFile

You didn’t ask to be here. You didn’t want to come in. This valley seemed to come from nowhere. You didn’t see any caution sign. You didn’t see a bend in the road. Your path had been straight and sunny. Until now.

It just doesn’t seem fair.

This dark valley surrounds you on every side. It presses in on you. The black bleeds into your heart and soaks into your smile. You can’t feel your feet under you. You can’t see a thing. This place is as empty as dark. And it terrifies you.

How can this be fair?

You could scream, but would anybody hear you? You could claw and gnash, but would anybody calm you?

You could fight, but how will you know where to aim your fist? All you see is dark.

This is too much, you say. The valley is too dark, too…

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