A Simple Act Of Love Goes A Long Way


To my faithful and committed readers, my heart is humbled that you all keep coming back. Thank you for hanging in there with me as I continue to figure out my focus for this blog.  Even though I’m all over the place with topics, there is one thing that I’m committed to writing about, and that is the love of God.  It’s simple, but it’s an act of love.

Right now I’m hosting a series for writers to share their stories about depression.  The series focuses on how God is with us and helps us get through the tough times.  I’m honored to host such honest and sincere writers who use their gift of writing to spread hope.  It’s a simple act of love.

I hope to host a series about grieving at the end of March and April. I have several writers right now who are putting together their stories.  Stories that talk about grieving with Jesus.  Painful stories.  Heartbreaking stories.  Stories that make the love of Jesus come alive.   This is an act of love.

In the near future I will be hosting a series about food issues, self worth, and discovering your true self in Christ.

If you would like to write for any of these series, please send me an email lisadesign@comcast.net.   Your act of love can bring hope, encouragement, and help others discover Jesus.

So many times we overlook what one simple act of love can do.  We don’t always see the value in the everyday things we do.  And its those acts of kindness and words of encouragement that help our world be a better place.

I get so busy sometimes with my own issues that I don’t see the little simple ways that I can love.

I would like to share a video that brought me to tears.  It will only take a few minutes to watch. Please join me.

One Simple Act Of Love

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