God Believes In You


We strive to teach our children truth, we nurture their hearts and minds, we make sure all their needs are met, and we keep them from danger. We work around the clock nonstop.

God has designed us to be strong and mighty for such a job as this.  But He never intended for us to do parenting on our own. He is for us and with us. I’m glad He is, because I mess up.

There are moments that my patience runs out. I sometimes get angry too quickly.   I can be a grumpy mommy when I feel overwhelmed.  Sometimes I struggle with guilt for not being a better mom. I remember my worst Momma Moment happened when my six year old son was three.

Justin wanted to play with his Daddy in our basement while he was on a very important phone call. When I made Justin come upstairs he screamed at me and wouldn’t stop. I took him outside so my husband could finish his phone call in peace. While I supervised him through our front door with an open screen he continued to have a fit on our front porch. Somebody in our neighborhood was disturbed by this and called the police. I don’t think they knew that I was right there watching him.

After Justin calmed down a police officer showed up. I explained the situation and he understood.  I was embarrassed and I felt like I had done something wrong. I struggled for weeks with this. Why did someone call the police?  Am I a bad mom? Why couldn’t I get him to calm down? Should I have talked to him differently?

Looking back I realize how insecure I was. I didn’t do anything wrong. I had a three year old who didn’t get his way. This happens at this age.

Moms when we doubt ourselves we must remember that God knows and trusts us. He gave us our children.

He called you to be a Momma because He believes in you.

Don’t let a bad mommy moment get you down.  You were created to be a parent.

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God Loves You No Matter What!

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14 thoughts on “God Believes In You

  1. Hi my Lisa! I so enjoyed this post. Your story about little Justin was told with such honesty. I can still remember when my little Anne had a major temper tantrum in the mall. She wanted ice cream and I had said the dreaded word NO… Oh gosh, it seemed like everyone in the entire mall was watching and judging me as my little girl screamed at the top of her lungs. It felt like I was walking the walk of shame as I carried my kicking, wailing, child through the mall. Can you believe that all these years later, I remember this “adventure” in motherhood as if it were yesterday. I really wish that I could have read your story, way back then, when I was such a young mommy. Love you muchly my sweet sister, have a great weekend, Heidi

    Sent from my mountain at Feathers In The Wind Ranch! ~Chirp…Chirp….Woof…Woof!~


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    • My Dearest Sister, thanks so much for sharing your adventure. Moms in the stores with crying kids need to hear from others, “Your doing a great job and things will get better!” Or a smile will make a mom feel better when she is having a rough time. An elderly lady shared with a group of us moms the importance of supporting one another instead of judging. It wasn’t until I had kids that I fully understood the unhappy children in public. Love you very much big Sister. It’s always good to hear stories from experienced mommas.


  2. Hi Lisa, such a beautiful post! You are a fantastic momma. Thanks for sharing with us some of the more “embarrassing” moments that others tend to try to hide. It really opens up your blog for honest dialogue. I hope other mommas will see this and open up their hearts to share as well.

    I can definitely relate as I have an 8 year old son about midpoint on the autistic spectrum. There have been many trying times with him. Once at 4 years old, he escaped out of the house as the lock to screen door stopped working and we had a temporary “work-around” we forgot to implement. We had to watch so many different things with him when he was younger that in that overwhelmed moment, he escaped out the front door. Thankfully, only 5 mins lapsed. But nothing can describe the shear horror I felt inside when I looked in every room and he was not there! I began panicking so badly, the room began to spin and I started to hyperventilate. My husband was frazzled too but a little calmer than me and told me to go next door to see if the neighbors had him. And Praise God they did!!!! I feel for all those mommas that didn’t ever find their lost child!! I couldn’t even begin to imagine that horrible moment lasting any longer than it did! Our little one just walked next door and sat on the steps of their front porch and began to cry. He saw how BIG the world was out there and became overwhelmed too!!! He never tried to escape from home again. He knows that home is safe and protected.

    God Bless 🙂

    Kelly Anya

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    • Thanks so much for stopping by. And thank you for commenting. I really appreciate your story. It’s scary when kids disappear. My biggest fear is that my kids will be kidnapped. My little girl has walked away from me a couple of times and I could not find her for a few minutes. A few minutes feels like forever. Five minutes feels like 20 minutes. The panicking is horrible as I scream loudly. The two times my daughter was missing will always be a memory. I remember just hugging and holding her when I found her. Again thanks for sharing your story. Your words brought tears to my eyes. My heart felt an ache as you shared that your son was crying on the front porch. Blessings to you and what a Brave Mom You Are.

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      • Thank You Lisa so much! Again, it is so wonderful to find such an open blog like yours. This was such a great idea! Not another blog all about how many instruments my child can play over your child. No competition here. Safe Zone! I love it! And I’m glad that we connected in such a profound way. I know those tight squeeze hugs you flashed back to. Never forgettable.

        On the flip side, my husband was treated very poorly by his parents as a child. He ran away from home at 4 years old. No one came looking for him for AWHILE. His parents just didn’t care. It was an elderly woman walking down the street who finally saw him running around in the middle of the street with cars coming!!! He said he wandered for 20-30 mins. He says he remembers the sound of the cars whipping by. The police were the ones that brought him back home. So NO, We are NOT bad mommas!! At all! Our children are blessed to have us as their moms. 🙂

        Kelly Anya

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    • They are so adorable at that age too!!! It’s amazing how so many different emotions fly around the house on a day to day basis. It’s such an emotional job being a Mommy, or at least it is for me. Thank for coming by Natasha!!!


  3. Oh. my. goodness!! I would not even know what to do. I worry about that sometimes. But, honestly, I have thought about stopping on the side of the road, and giving a time-out in the grass to a little girl who was being disrespectful and not listening on a car ride. Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the entire world. So much responsibility. But with that comes so much love. Mothers are in a place of asking for forgiveness daily. From little ones. From the One. Mistakes are made. We learn, and we become even better. Thank you for sharing this!! xo

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  4. Such encouraging words here, Lisa! Isn’t it humbling to realize that our Lord knew every foul up we would make as mommies and every insecurity we would exhibit, yet He graced us with children anyway? It blows my mind when I think of it. Great post!

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  5. I don’t blame you–I’m sure I would have been embarrassed too! But no, you didn’t do anything wrong. At least you had involved neighbors! (looking on the bright side here!) 🙂

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