Consider Beautiful – Without Comparison

Angel post

By Angel 


There is pressure to be perfect. I strive to do my best – but I am not perfect. And it hurts when I feel I have failed.

I am too hard on myself.

I tend to compare myself to others, and when I do I put myself in an unfair and unrealistic competition. This competition is only in my mind. And what happens? I feel inadequate, not good enough, and/or not pretty enough.

I become depressed. 

My emotions too often dictate how well I take care of myself. I frustrate myself, because I know I should take better care of myself. I should eat well, and I should eat foods that will be helpful for my body.

I think the number on the scale should be a different number, a lower number. But why? Technically, the number is supposedly in the “appropriate” range for my height and age.

My body is changing. It is supposed to change. I am getting a little older. And I am a mother now.

Why is it so hard to focus on the health of my body, rather than just what my body looks like?

I don’t weigh myself anymore. I was obsessed about the number. If the number went down, that only made me want to lose more. If the number was higher, then I became depressed and wondered what I did wrong… (Read the rest at: )

Food Series You are

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