Becoming a Writer – Part 3 By Lisa Brown


What is that something that keeps your heart racing and you don’t feel fulfilled unless you just do it?  For me that is writing.   Words comfort me just like a hot cup of coffee on a cold winter morning.  Combine the two and I’m a happy girl. 

Writing is my personal relationship with words that I carefully craft together to touch the heart of my readers.  Revelations of God’s words direct me and I must share the heartbeat of their meaning. 

 I’m careful to create blog posts that show God’s forever unconditional love.  His power and presence rests deeply in the inner core of my being. 

I’m called to be a writer and as time goes by I see why.  I’m eager to share my realizations about God’s love.   He calls me to be a friend that encourages others through words.

I cherish my readers and writing friends.  Together we make the world a better place.   We have a little space on Facebook where we share blog posts.   We share stories and encourage one another through the ups and downs of life.

Writing doesn’t make me who I am but it shows me who I’m becoming.  Writing isn’t my life but what I share in blog posts is about my life.  I have learned to be a careful observer in this ever so busy world.   It’s when I become still that I see how to turn life experiences into words.

The number of readers is not as important as knowing my readers and caring for them.  I write what I want and not what I think people want me to write.   I pray for topics that matter to others and I sit silently for the Holy Spirit to give me direction.

My words come out clumsy and I stumble from sentence to sentence.  I make time to unscramble my messy mixture of words and I usually sit hours before anything I write finally makes some sense.    It’s no easy task to be a writer.  But nothing worth doing in life is easy.

I’m learning that I must be intentional with everything I’m assigned to do in life.  If I don’t make plans with clear goals, my world becomes overwhelming and out of balance. Flexible schedules and routines help me find time to write. 

It seems as though I never get enough time to write.  I’m so thankful when I do.  I do my best with the little time I do have.  Love and obedience to God’s will must come first. This season of my life is homeschooling my six and seven year old. 

Time with God and my husband comes above all else and writing must take a back seat.  Easier said than done.   It isn’t about me though.  God makes time for me to write because it is His message that I get to share.  And that is good enough for me.  I must accept that if writing doesn’t happen for a time it’s because I’m needed elsewhere.  I write to serve and not to be served.

I’m determined to learn how to edit my work better.  I make so many classic mistakes over and over again.  Yet the more I practice and let others critique my work the less messy my work is.   I still publish my work even if it is not perfect.   I will always be learning how to make my work look more professional.   I’d never get to share my work if I concerned myself too much with everything being exact.    I’m doing what I know to do.

I don’t think I’m ready to write a book or submit my work to magazines.  I choose to stay focused on my blog right now and grow in skill.  I’m learning to enjoy the process and trust God with the outcome. 

You see reading and writing never came natural to me.  As a child I struggled with dyslexia and I felt dumb for not keeping up with the other kids in school.  I’m thankful for all the help I received in school so that I can do what I do now.   It’s a big deal to me that I have come this far.

Childhood lies still creep in and make me want to hide my work so no one can see.  I have to fight through this every time I publish one of my posts or compose an email.    Fear is dreadful and I’m learning that facing my fear of failure is the only way to do all that God created me to do with my life. 

I’d like to encourage you to face any fears you may have about writing.  Where ever you are on your path to becoming a writer keep going one step at time and enjoy the process.  God knows what He has in store for you.   He will open doors for you when He knows you are ready to walk through. 

He has for me and I can’t wait to see what He has for me next. 


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10 thoughts on “Becoming a Writer – Part 3 By Lisa Brown

  1. Lisa, I love how God is using an area of your life that you struggled with (reading and writing) to bring honor to Him! Hearing about your writing journey is encouraging and a wonderful reminder that Jesus delights in trading our weaknesses for His strength. Bless you and your writing ministry!

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