Becoming A Writer By Florence Achama Ukpabi, Part 11 -The Power of Writing from the Heart



I have always loved writing, it has been a form of creative expression from as far back as secondary (High) school. I used to write a lot of poetry too, shifting between playing with rhyme to playing with description and meaning. Writing is much more than an activity to me, it is a doorway into what can’t be seen in the hubbub and rush of modern day existence. Writing allows me to slow down and really listen to my inner world, as such it is a form of therapy and learning to use writing as a therapeutic tool is one of the things that has enabled me to grow and deal with illness over the years.

But it wasn’t until I got the stepping out orders from God that my writing became a thing of public domain. At that time I was two years into living with a yet to be diagnosed autoimmune illness. I had stopped working the year before to take time to heal and God was leading me to share my journey. It was difficult because outside of the logistics of it all, not knowing anything about blogging or whether even such a thing existed and how to go about it, there was the emotional aspect. For someone who was struggling with my own faith around whether God would heal me, so much rose to the surface when I contemplated sharing my yet to be fulfilled journey with others. I felt like a fraud, I felt like no one would want to listen, I felt like I had nothing relevant to share. Because I am a teacher I decided to make the blog less personal by making it about sharing information; lol, I was really just fooling myself, trying to distance myself from doing what God wanted me to do. It didn’t last long because I found that my writing style wasn’t impersonal and cold but deep, reflective and very much personal.

I had already been writing lessons that God had taught me about health, well-being and healing from a Biblical perspective, journal after journal, notebook after notebook. One day I attended a local Christian women in Business event where a writer was speaking about her new book. I was so inspired by her story that at the end I went up to her to share my own desire to write a book. I explained how I wasn’t healed yet and felt that no one would want to hear or read what I had to say because of that. I have never ever forgotten the words she shared with me that day and pass it on to others would be writers desiring to share their story. Yes, she told me that people would listen to what I had to say but that wasn’t the most important thing to me. She said, “write and the healing would come”. It was those words which spoke to me because they spoke to the hidden fear buried deep down inside. So I started to write, not to merely write or even sell a book, but as a medium for healing, becoming and growing into a fuller and more whole version of myself. I have written several books, none as of yet published because my goal isn’t to write books per se, my goal is to touch lives. My writing is me sharing my journey, the joys, the sadness, the highs and lows so that I can speak directly to the fears and that which is hidden in the heart of the person on the other end. I approach writing how I now approach life, it is something to be experienced and lived not something to be done. Because of this I can testify that her words were indeed correct and prophetic because I have received so much healing and been able to be a source of healing because I chose to write from the heart.

So if there was one word of advice that I would give to anyone seeking to write, or to be more precise one phrase it would be this “write from your heart”.  When we are in alignment with the deepest part of ourselves, reality shifts to make room for that which we are ordained to create.  Don’t overthink it, don’t even do it, just be it.

Lots of love,

Florence Achama Ukpabi

Florence Achama Ukpabi is a Transformational Well-being and Clarity coach to Christian women. She is passionate about supporting Christian women to move past the internal blocks that stop them from truly living a whole and healed life. Her ability to listen to herself, God and others means that she is able to bring wisdom, insight and clarity to her clients whilst providing them with transformational tools and a safe and supportive environment for them to grow and heal. You can find her writing over at her blog or visit her online shop to download copies of her books.


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