Mom To Mom Heartfelt Video by Lisa Brown

Hi Moms, My first blog video.  A message from my heart to your heart.  You matter and you have what it takes.  You are doing better then you think are.

If you struggle with insecurity I recommend this amazing book that I am going through right now by Carey Scott   – Untangled

I would like to encourage you to join our community of women who are desperate to find freedom from the knots of insecurity.  You can receive a free download from Carey’s website of the first chapter from Untangled at –

This Book helps you identify where your self-worth is tangled and gives you hope for the journey. You can learn more about it on amazon  –

3 thoughts on “Mom To Mom Heartfelt Video by Lisa Brown

  1. Oh Lisa! What a beautiful message – thank you! You have such a kindness in your voice and I am sure you are a wonderful mother! The enemy wants us to feel as though we don’t measure up for sure….we have to ignore the mental assaults! Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart – you are such a encouraging messenger! Sweet grace words!

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