Parent Weekends Summer Break and What Are You Modelling for Your Child?



The Parenting Weekends scheduled for June have been postponed. We need to take an unexpected break for the summer. But we will be returning with the Parenting Weekends this fall.

The post below from Janis is a peak at the wonderful posts we have in store for you when our series returns.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the date we will be restarting.
Until then, we invite you to check out all the posts in our series HERE.

Your co-hosts Tanya and Lisa.

What Are you Modelling for Your Child?

by Janis Cox


There are days when you think none of the training you have done has made any impact on the lives of your children. There will always be those days, when children are over-tired, cranky or miserable or you are anxious, stressed or feeling unable to cope.

My advice as grandma would be to takeā€¦

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