I Want To Be Known From The Inside Out – Tuesdays Inspirations With Lisa Brown


Justin, my seven year old son’s favorite color is red. He likes to snuggle before we start the day.  He loves books to be read to him. He wants to learn to read, but he thinks it is too hard and so he gets anxious.

Kaylee my five year old daughter’s favorite color is pink. She loves sparkly necklaces, white high heel shoes and purses. She loves to make things for others. She enjoys receiving gifts. Kaylee likes to play rough and tumble with Daddy!.

I want to know my children. Just like I want to be known. I want to be known from the inside out.

I know these things about my children because they are important to me. I want to serve and give them what they need. I look for patterns, love language, what makes them sad, mad, or happy.

Yet, God knows them better then I do. He understands what makes them tick, shut down, come alive, and He understands why they act the way they do.

I need God to help me see like He sees.

He shows me that they need to be validated. They need to know that they are accepted, cherished, and unconditionally loved.

I do my best to do all these things but I miss the mark. We all do from time to time.

Only God gets it right all the time.

God loves us not by what we do, but by who we are.   We are His.   This is how I want to love.

We all want to be known and loved in our messes.

I love to teach my children that God knows everything about them and He knows them better than I do. And because God knows us the most He can love us the best. God will know what to do when Mommy and Daddy don’t understand. You are never alone.   You matter.

God will fix things when mommy fails to see what you need. Don’t fear when you feel ignored, abandoned, neglected, or misunderstood. God sees it all and you are valuable. He has a plan for you and He calls you beautiful.

Man oh man. I would be so much more at peace if I believed this for myself.

I look to my husband way too much for validation.   I feel like I could fly when he compliments me and affirms me. The moon falls when I think that he doesn’t notice me. I immediately jump to the conclusion that I’m not good enough and I don’t matter.

Over the weekend I worked on a project really hard. I stayed up until 3:00 am working on it. When I shared it with my husband he didn’t acknowledge all the hard work or show any kind of appreciation. Instead he pointed out things he felt needed to be corrected. Now my man was not trying to hurt me. He sincerely wants the best for me.

Just as I was ready to throw out my project – God reminded me that I do not need my husband’s approval. God was pleased with me because I completed the task set before me with His help. I did what I was supposed to do and now I need to leave the rest for Him to do.

Now I feel validated. God is pleased with me. I love God and He showed me how. I did it through Him and He knew I could do it. He knows me better than my own husband. I don’t need approval from my husband and others. I’m already approved by God.

This should be good enough for me. But, honestly it isn’t. I want my husband to know me inside out.   But he can’t because He is not God.

I must remember this. This truth shall help me from getting all tangled up in the lie that I’m not good enough.

I been reading a book called Untangled by Carey Scott. She talks about how our human fears and insecurities keep us tangled up. I’m being set free.  This book is helping me see that I am good enough just because I belong to God.  I don’t have to be like anybody else because God made me to be me.  I don’t need other people’s approval because I am already approved.

God wants us to know Him just like we want to be known. I’m learning to focus on my relationship with God more and not spend so much time worrying if I’m good enough for others. I have no control over what others think of me.

For More On Carey Scott and her book Untangled – http://untangledwomen.com/

Take this free online quiz to discover the knot that’s at the root of your insecurities! http://untangledwomen.com/whats-your-tangle/ ‪#‎Untangled by ‬Carey Scott Talks

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9 thoughts on “I Want To Be Known From The Inside Out – Tuesdays Inspirations With Lisa Brown

  1. Also loved Untangled! It’s always fun to read a review of a book that I’ve also read and reviewed. We all emphasize different aspects. I’m your neighbor today at Intentional Tuesday. Blessings on your day!

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  2. Lisa, sometimes I think others fail me just so I can turn to God and remember He will never fail me. To be fully known and fully loved I’m learning is only something I can receive from God, even though I look to other people including my husband, but honestly I think it’s too much pressure for them to bear. I’ve heard great things about this book, Lisa. Thanks for sharing it and your heart at #IntentionalTuesday on Intentionally Pursuing. : )

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    • Hi there friend!! Thank you for sharing. I love my husband for being so patient with me as I figure all of this out. I’m learning to love the man he is, as is. And I’m glad that God meets me where no one else can or should. God really has a great plan in balancing out earthly relationships and still creating us to long for Him.


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