To The Mama With The Messy House by Megan

 I just want to take a moment to say thank you.
Thank you for inviting me and my family over and allowing us to see the messy imperfections of your home.
There have been times when another mom will invite me and my family over and her house is spotless!
I’m sure you probably know one of these women too. The kind that would never allow a dirty dish to remain in the sink overnight. Not a spec of dirt; no sign of dirty laundry; no trail of clutter left by her children. She will even have perfectly placed centerpieces on their kitchen and coffee tables.
Though I do admire her diligence in keeping a perfectly pristine home, I must admit that as I walk through her front door, I’m quickly inclined to inhale a breath of guilt that leaves a little lump in my throat…
“If she can keep her house this clean, why can’t I?.. I must not be doing enough.. There must be something I’m doing wrong.. How in the world does she keep those delicate centerpieces on her tables without little hands destroying them?..I must not be training my kids the right way.. I need to make sure I get a handle on all this before I invite anybody else over for dinner.”
As I walked through your door, I exhaled a breath of relief.
“Oh, thank God!”
You allowed me to see the basket of clean laundry waiting patiently beside your couch to be folded. You let me see your dirty breakfast dishes perfectly content to sit towering in your sink. Your kids were sitting at the coffee table in the living room – their faces full of stickiness and smiles while eating a pile of fish crackers. A beautiful mess of books, dress-up clothes, toy trucks and crayons spill out of the bedrooms and into the hallway.
It’s the kind of home that I will probably never see in a Martha Stewart or Better Homes and Gardens magazines..
It’s the kind of home that is real.
It’s the kind of home that is full of all the joys, excitement and fun of life!
As our conversation lingered, an aroma of genuineness hung in the air.
A gentle voice permeated my thoughts, reminding me that a home is not meant to be a place to force false displays of perfection.
Our homes are meant to be a place where laughter, love, learning and life is cultivated.
Mama With The Messy House
Our homes are meant for honesty. Trust. Loyalty. Respect. Truth. Encouragement. Joy.
A place where we feel comfortable exposing all of our flaws and blemishes knowing that we will still be loved and accepted despite them.
A place where we can let the clutter of our lives and our hearts overflow, knowing that there will be people there to embrace us; to help us sort through and clean up the messiness.
Our homes are meant to be a refuge. A shelter from the storms of life. A calm in the tempest. A peace in the turmoil.
A place we can learn, grow, and stumble along in this journey together.
So thanks sweet Mama!
Thanks for reminding me to move my care and concern away from the outward appearance of my home, and focus more in enjoying the adventures, the toys, the learning, the growing, and all the messiness that this season of life brings.
❤ Megan
Megan is a wife and mother, a chocolate lover, a guitar player, and a daughter of our heavenly Father. One of her greatest passions is growing in her knowledge of our Lord and inspiring other to do the same.
Come check out some of her other posts on her blog, As For My House.

6 thoughts on “To The Mama With The Messy House by Megan

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  2. Dear Megan, oh how I wish that I could have read this lovely letter of yours 40 years ago when my sweet children were young. I’m one of those Mamas that stressed myself out trying to keep my home immaculate while raising my kiddos… I never ever stopped to realize that I didn’t need to keep everything so “perfect”….. The young Mamas, in this group, are so lucky to have each other to share their hearts and stories with. Sincerely, Heidi

    Sent from my mountain at Feathers In The Wind Ranch! ~Chirp…Chirp….Woof…Woof!~


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    • Yes, it can be hard to keep this mindset. I’m one that likes things to be in somewhat of an order. But there are those days that I just have to let all order fly out the window and just focus on them 🙂 Thanks for your comment!!


  3. I agree with Heidi! I wish I would have read this when you were young. Our house was one that was never neat and tidy, but it was the house where your friends wanted to play. I wish I hadn’t wasted time in embarrassment when your friends mothers came to pick them up, and instead relished in the fact that I spent the time playing with you, fixing you snacks, and making sure you all stayed safe. What a gift it was to be able to do that! I hope your post gives other mothers permission to release any shame they may be feeling. This time passes by so quickly!

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