Winter Wonderland Decorating and Homemaking Treasures


Home Creation Done By Heidi Hopkins

Today joining us is a very creative, talented, and fun loving person who has a gift in homemaking.  Her adorable cabin up in the mountains is filled with decorative treasures that she has collected and made over the years.

I am so proud to introduce to you my sister Heidi Hopkins who shares tips on decorating.  

 Over the many years of being a homemaker, I have always been inspired by the people and things that I love.  My heart’s  wish has been to make our home a beautiful and safe respite from the outside world.  A special place filled with love…..  Learning to make our home uniquely ours and stay within a tight budget, has been both challenging and rewarding.  Along this journey,  I have come up with some creative ideas that I am so excited to share with you.  

  Everyone in my family loves birds.  We love the wild birds that live outside and we love the birds whom we share our home with.  So, when a girlfriend asked if I would like to have some of her homemade nest boxes, I was thrilled.  My grandchildren were visiting and I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to let them each decorate their very own birdie house.  That day produced beautiful memories and special “art” for Grammy’s wall.  I love the fact that some of my dearest treasures have been made by my children, grandchildren, family and close friends.  I believe if you decorate with the things you love, your home will never be outdated.

How to make essential things, like your television, blend in beautifully with your handmade treasures can be a bit of a challenge.  Especially, if you are on a tight budget.  A little bit of imagination and handiwork can go a long way in solving this problem.  Hence, an idea to make seasonal television covers was “hatched”.  Simply find fabric that goes well with your home’s colors and a motif that coordinates with your treasures.  Imagine making a big pillow case that fits over your flat screen.  You can then finish up by embellishing with any kind of trim.  

  Thank you for sharing a little bit of your time with me.  I really enjoyed this opportunity to share some of my ideas with you……




Heidi thanks so much for joining us today.  I love your imagination.  It makes me smile every time!

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