I Need Prayer More Than A Cup Of Coffee.





Life circumstances drag us down and worry is exhausting.  I used to go to coffee when I felt that I was on empty instead of going to God to fill me up.   A half a pot of coffee was never enough.  After years of consuming too much coffee my body couldn’t handle it anymore.  It made me very sick.  There is nothing in life that can take the place of prayer.

Something wonderful happens in my life when I take the time to pray every day.  I experience passion.  Passion for God’s presence and His word.  I feel empowered by the Holy Spirit.  I see life circumstances in new ways and I respond differently.   Time of prayer is life changing.   And God is healing my body from the damage the coffee did inside of me.

It caused stomach issues. My feet and legs ached so much that I didn’t want to move.  I gained weight and felt sick.  I was depressed.   The enemy had a strong hold on me……

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2 thoughts on “I Need Prayer More Than A Cup Of Coffee.

  1. I’ve all but quit coffee, too! And I used to NEED at least three cups a day. That’s why I quit. I didn’t like needing something earthly more than I needed Christ. The physical outcomes have been a happy side effect: more energy (surprisingly), better sleep, a calmer attitude. I still have a cup occasionally, just to be social, but I’m finding that I enjoy it less and less.
    You’ve challenged me to lean on prayer like I used to lean on caffeine. Thanks for that!

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    • It’s amazing how much better we feel when we take care of our physical self. I’m more tuned into God when I feel energized and full of life. Caffeine can’t take the place of God’s supernatural joy in us.

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