Mom You Are Your Child’s Hero and You Are Enough!


I love you Momma! Your the best. Thanks for date nights and tea parties! I love shopping with you! You do fun things with me. You and I like things that smell good. Candles, make up, and nice smelling lotions are some of our favorite things. Just a few things my sweet daughter says or expresses to me in her own special ways. I know she likes hanging out with me one on one.

Number one lie we tell ourselves as moms – “I’m not enough.”

We compare our family to everyone else and there is always somebody who we think is doing a better job than we are.   We want what is best for our children and when we can’t give them what we think they should have, we attack ourselves and burden our hearts with fear of failure.

I don’t want my kids to be left out and I want them to be confident in all that they set their hearts out to do. Don’t we all? I hook them up with the best developmentally appropriate activities because I want them to succeed in this competitive world.

There’s enrichment programs, clubs, and classes for my kids to participate in, martial Arts, swimming, sports, theater, dance, gymnastics, science, engineer, and the list goes on and on. What do I sign my kids up for? What can I afford? How do I schedule more activities into our already busy life? My kids are only 6 and 4. They are very involved and we have something for them to go to almost every day. What’s next? I’m already exhausted from being on the go all the time.

My kids want the same toys that their friends have. We live on a budget. I can’t afford it. I feel bad about that. And why do I feel bad? Because I don’t want my kids to be in want. I feel better about myself if my kids are happy. Now that is crazy thinking.   Materialistic things only make us happy for a moment until we see something better. I know that and so why am I so hard on myself when I say no?

What do our children need to be happy?

Moms they need you and me. Our children want to play with us. They want us to read and sing to them. Kids need us to pay attention to their questions and be their teachers.

Moms God equipped us with everything we need to be a mom. He gave us tender hearts to feel and care for our children’s emotions. He fills us with His spirit so that we can discern what is best for them.

At night time when we are all snuggled up on the couch as a family we ask our kids what their favorite part of the day was. They always say, “Right now”.   It isn’t the trip to the Zoo, or library, or park, it’s at home safe and sound loving on one another.

I about cried with joy one day when we came home from a very long drive, my son took a deep breath and in delight said, “Were home, home sweet home!” He couldn’t get out of the truck fast enough and get in the house where his dogs greeted him with kisses. He ran to his room put on his pajamas and sat on the couch with books in his lap for me to read.

My kids need me, fully alive, active and available. Yes, they are blessed to be involved in clubs and classes, but we can live without these things. We can’t live without relationship, acceptance, and love.

Let’s be brave and be ourselves.   Our children need us. You are enough. Your child loves you and thinks you are the biggest hero ever. And You Are!


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