dont entertain fear

“It’s a wise mom that admits she has fear, knows what the emotions are that she’s dealing with, and then designs strategies to attack them.”  Book – Brave Mom by Sherry Surratt pg.145

Fear is like an imposter.   Therefore it must receive the same rejection that we would give to someone who tries to deceive us.    I would never allow anyone in my home that lies. I don’t have to allow fear in either.

There is this park by my house that is new and fun. It has great climbing equipment and  exciting slides. My six year old and four year old like to go there. However, I struggle with anxiety for fear that something bad is going to happen and I experience scary images in my head. The fears that I welcome in, can sometimes convince me to not go.

My kids like to go to skate parks and fear creeps in causing me to believe horrible things will happen to my children if we go. There have been times that I didn’t go, only to regret later.

I don’t like being controlled by any thought that scares me out of doing something.

I am learning how to attack fear with love and it is working.

My strategies are:

  1. When a scary thought comes to mind I immediately reject it. I tell it no you can’t come in.
  2. I think about something that I’m thankful for and I write it down, pray, or sing. Worship music helps me.
  3. I remind myself that God gave me a mind to create and discover beauty.   When I think of ways to have fun or love others, disturbing thoughts disappear.
  4. I tell my husband or a trusted friend my haunting thoughts and feelings. It minimizes the lie by taking its power.

What are some strategies you use to attack fear?   Maybe your ideas will help someone else.



  1. Sometimes it helps me to remember past fears and what the outcome of the situation really was. Never, has the fearful concoction in my thoughts come to fruition My life, becomes so much sweeter and peaceful, when I remind myself to use my vivid imagination to create beauty rather than some “ugly movie” in my head….

    Sent from my mountain at Feathers In The Wind Ranch! ~Chirp…Chirp….Woof…Woof!~


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    • Heidi thanks for sharing. Its so true what you said – we can either sit in a dark corner of a movie theater in our head and freak ourselves out or we can use our minds to focus on what is true and beautiful.


  2. I chant the powerful maha mantra: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare, which centers my mind and drives out fear. 🙂


    • Oh thanks so much for the award. I have some questions for you on how to send my answers to you, but I will ask that on your blog sight. I had a quick look at your blog and I look forward to reading your posts. Sherry’s book is good and it really is helping me with my fears. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to blogging with you.


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