A Mother Will Do Anything For Her Child. Great Post To Read Momma Friends Out There!!!!

Tony A. Smith

218039 MOWER

We had moved to a rented farmhouse in that small country town of Blanchard in Oklahoma the year my little sister Catherine was born. I was only five years old at the time and my brother Tim had just turned three in the spring.  There were several cows on the farm that our landlord owned. Our contribution was to more or less admire them.  We had an old brown Collie that went by the name of “Sparky”. Along with Sparky, there were several travelling mutts that accompanied him that used to roam the grounds seeking any scraps they could drum up.

We could see nothing but open land for miles.  At night the wolves would howl and the coyotes would start to yip. On those clear dark nights GOD painted the sky with a multitude of stars that he named one by one.  There was a good size pond but…

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