The Invisible Bucket

water fall bucket

Did you know that everyone has an invisible bucket over their head?   Either our buckets are full, half way full, or empty.   We are happy when it’s full and sad when it’s empty.

My kids learned this today.

“Mommy how do we keep our buckets full?’’

Every day we start out with a full bucket. Throughout the day there can be things that happen to us that make us drip water. Like when a friend says something mean to you. Drops of water go back into our bucket when something good happens. Like when a friend helps you.

We fill our own bucket when we do something kind for someone. We are a bucket dipper when we do something not so nice.

We implemented this idea today in our family. I feel that it is a great way to teach my children that their actions do matter. It also teaches them to deal better with their emotions.

Throughout the day I asked them how full their bucket was.   My son stated that his was overflowing. My daughter said that hers was empty. Feelings were discussed and needs were shared.

My kids have been very kind to each other today. A few times they have said, “Don’t act like a bucket dipper.”

They both have been more cooperative and kind to me today. They both keep asking me if my bucket is full.

All of this got started by a children’s book and song that I discovered on YouTube

Here is the link for your convenience. Enjoy it with your children. Great for ages 3-7.

Cute Book

Fun Song

Following is how a teacher has implemented this concept in her classroom

Thanks for stopping by and let me know how it goes.

3 thoughts on “The Invisible Bucket

  1. Using an idea like this to make an abstract concepts like feelings, concrete, is a thoughtful way to help your children understand others ans themselves better. What a cool idea! I love your creativity!


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