Lessons From 2014


Today I’m taking a moment to look back at last year and share with you the lessons that I have learned.

On New Year’s Day I decided to clean out four huge storage boxes filled with my kid’s old toys.   I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this, but there are at least ten storage boxes all together. My kids are only six and four years old. How on earth did we accumulate so much stuff and why?

This is only one example of many more messes that I need to organize. Let’s just say, I’m a bit overwhelmed with cleaning up projects.

Immersed in home school and kid’s activities, there was hardly ever any time to straighten up my home.

Just before Christmas I collapsed. I lost my zing. I can’t let this happen again.

I’m determined to live with more order in this next year.

A matter a fact, my word for the year is, BALANCED.

I think I know what I need to do to live more at the helm.

Lesson 1

Over ambition in one area can result famine in another.

Last year my kids were involved in an activity outside of the home every day and sometimes twice a day. I overcommitted my role as a parent. I knew I was in over my head when I signed them up. I convinced myself that I could do it all. Instead I flopped right on my face frustrated. I realized that there were not enough hours in a day to take them everywhere and keep up with my other responsibilities.

This year we are staying home more so that I can care better for my family’s needs and mine.

Lesson 2

Staying focused too long on one mess leads to more messes.

This year I got stuck in the mud way to much with my son. We butt heads over and over again during school time. Being the strong willed, determined person that I am, I tried to make him follow my agenda. My hot headed little six year old boy wasn’t having it.   Just like me, he doesn’t like to be told what to do.

This year Justin is going to have to take more ownership of his education. I’m not going to let his attitude about school bring me down.

Part of lesson two is for me to remember that sometimes you have to just do your best and move on to something else.

Lesson 3

Perfection isn’t worth the gut ache.

I appreciate my idealistic personality from time to time, because I will not settle for less when I know there is more to be. I have done great things and I have encouraged others to do the same.

However there are times that I burden myself and others with the need to have things done a certain way.

This year I’m forced to let go of my faults and not shame myself when I don’t reach my perceived mark. I

Lesson 4

One becomes stale when their passions are kept on the shelf too long.

Before I started blogging I felt a part of me was not living up to my potential as a writer.

Last year I hit the mark when I took my writing more serious. Sharing my life journeys with others on my blog has ignited a fire in me that burns continually. This year I will continue to do so.

Last Lesson 5

“What makes us come alive goes deeper than what we choose to do in our professions and our free time. What makes us come alive is life, and this life is Jesus.”  Emily P. Freeman, (pg.30 from A Million Little Ways)

From year to year an on-going theme for me is to know Jesus more. He meets me at the well and gives me living water. He loves me enough to mold me and make me into His living vessel. I’m confident that Jesus will make Himself known to me as I seek after Him.

The lessons learned last year will direct my paths this year. I trust that In God’s hands, year 2015 will be a good year, filled with more lessons for 2016.

Linking with Beloved Brews Thursday @ Faith Barista. Fellow writers in Bonnie’s community are sharing their “one-words” for 2015


12 thoughts on “Lessons From 2014

  1. There is so much wisdom here, Lisa. I can certainly relate to each of the points you make here, especially the one, “Perfection isn’t worth the gut ache.” Amen to that! Thanks for sharing these.


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  5. I love this. Ohhhh, how I can relate to this. Thank you so much for sharing. I may be sharing this one, this weekend. I think your points hold SO true to soooo many women!! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Liz, It is hard to be balanced. We have so many expectations that we put on ourselves. Trying to understand the motivation behind what I do is my real challenge. What makes us and causes us to live life like we do. To be focused on eternal things is the direction I am headed this year. Thank You for your words and stopping by. It is so nice to have you over. You inspire me. I love your blog posts Liz!!!!


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  7. I love when God leads me to a link up with a lesson just for me. This year I am all about the over commitment. Thankfully I recognized it early on and can look forward to a more relaxed spring. I felt every word when you shared how your schedule included time out of the house every day…sometimes twice. Your post blessed me. Oh and number 2, I’ve got a student like that at home too. Visiting today from Beloved Brews with @FaithBarista!


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