My Little Girl The Scientist

DSC06116My little girl just turned five and she has my heart.  My soul smiles with joy as I know she is mine.  All mine.  My little love.  She is one of a kind with many styles, moves, and ideas.  She picks out her own clothes and I dare not tell her what to wear.  It’s best to take her shopping because she knows exactly what she wants.  Purses are her thing and shoes too.  She role plays a princess one minute and a super-hero the next.  It really is quit the sight to see her when she is running in high heels and fighting a battle with a sword in her hand.


Kaylee is quit the scientist too!!  Independent and confident.  She always has a plan and will not let up.  She fights for herself.  I guess some might call her a strong willed child. I think that is a good thing.  It just means that she does not give up. She will not settle for anything less then what she has decided. She is stubborn.  Her persistence to have things done her way can sometimes frustrate the heck out me.  I’m learning patience.

It was an exciting day for us at the children’s museum in the bubble room.  I admired Kaylee’s determination to make bubbles and she did it.  It took several tries and testing before she got it.  And she did it and was proud of herself!!!!


My little girl inspires me to have a can do attitude and not to stop trying when things get too hard.   Seems to be a pretty simple life lessen doesn’t it?  But it’s not?  Why?
DSC06118DSC06117  DSC06119

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