What Keeps You From Being The Real You?

SONY DSCSo often my heart goes un-checked.  I move through life in my own world unaware of what is going on around me.

I’m not proud of this.

I don’t want to know about other people’s pain.  I rather pretend that all is good.

How selfish of me.

God made me to be the light of the world.  He commands me to love.

I’m love with Jesus in me.

The real me hurts for the brokenhearted.

The real me reaches out to the lost.

What then is keeping me from giving my all?


Fear of being put out.

Fear of feelings.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s easier for us Christians to judge others instead of love them.

I wonder why we Christians sometimes hate so much and mourn so little.

I started blogging about six months ago.  It’s exciting to share fun parenting stories, special mommy moments, great family fun activities, and home school ideas.

But something has been missing until recently.

Real people with real life stories.

Inviting writers to share their testimonies has literally added life into this blog.

We are alive now. real hurts, struggles, and sadness is being addressed.

No more hiding from real human life battles.

This site is not just a blog.

It’s a home and community.

I want to invite you to come on in and sit down for awhile.

You will find joy, peace, hope, and love in the words you read.

Come and be a part of this Me Too Community.  Come be a voice.  Come and share encouragement.  Come and share your story.

I ran across this YouTube video.  Please grab a cup of coffee or tea and Listen to what this young girl has to say.   Her words matter and what she has to say needs to be addressed.

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