Teaching Young Children To Write


Today my six year old boy and four year old girl joined me in a marching band. We played all kinds of rhythm instruments.   We marched from living room to bedrooms and through the kitchen. My three dogs were a bit nerved wrecked as they had no place to hide their poor sensitive ears.


You probably are wondering why I’m talking about music when my post title says teaching children to write. Don’t worry it will make sense in the end. I promise.


I like to make learning playful and so I grabbed my fun markers while the kids were marching. You know the markers that smell all fruity!!! While marching music played I had them pick up different colors to express the instruments, sounds, and marching steps. We listened to music from marching bands found on YouTube and we watched a few shows too of bands playing before college games.

Now comes in the writing part. The thing is my kids can’t write words yet. I can’t have them write what they experienced. How do kids express their feelings, ideas, observations, and images on paper?


This is what we did. I encouraged my children to explore the connection between symbol and sound. We all start out understanding symbols before we can write letters or words.  

I gave them paper, crayons, and markers. I encouraged Justin and Kaylee to show the song on paper as I played marching band music. I then asked them the following questions.

  1. “How can you show the drumbeats?”
  2. “What do the marchers’ footsteps look like?”
  3. “What does a loud sound look like?”
  4. “How can marks show quiet sounds?”

Justin had all kinds of lines on his paper and he moved his marker to the beat of music. Kaylee made a lion. In one of the YouTube shows we watched a marching band make a lion.


I can’t take credit for this idea. Recently I discovered an amazing book that I just absolutely love.

Playful Writing

150 Open-Ended Explorations in Emergent Literacy

by Rebecca Olien and Laura Woodside.


I will be sharing more posts with you as we continue to do these kinds of activities.

Please share with us! What kind of questions do you have about getting kids started in writing? What do you do with your kids for writing?




6 thoughts on “Teaching Young Children To Write

    • Shannon,
      I do too. I did do the activity with the kids and it was fun. Justin said that he thought I was acting pretty crazy. He was right. I was moving to the music as I was making marks. I’d like to blame it on coffee. But I can’t. I was simply being a kid. It’s fun to do from time to time. Shannon thanks for checking out my blog.


  1. How. much. fun.!! You really are such a great momma 🙂 This is perfect for those little ones. I love to teach writing at school. My favorite subject. One that I hope to ignite some passion with in my own students, esp. the reluctant ones. Great post!! xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh I love this idea! I am shamelessly stealing it for music later today.

    For writing I have a tray with paper that they have access to, plus crayons, makers and pencils. They can take the paper and what ever writing instrument they choose no write what they want.

    This sadly has lead to walls being written on as well. We even have a nice wall scrubbing activity for tomorrow morning because of it- great for building motor skills and coordination too so another plus for teaching writing 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey there friend, I’m glad that you can use this idea. I like you idea about having a tray available for them to go to anytime they want to write. Have fun wall scrubbing and yes it does sound like a wonderful teachable moment!!!!


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