Honey, Can We Hire Someone To Pick Up After Our Kids?



Sometimes I just want to give up and pay someone to follow my kids around all day and pick up their stuff. But I don’t, I want my kids to be responsible and do it themselves.

It takes practice and self-realization to be responsible.   It’s my job as a parent to guide my children through life showing them and providing them opportunities that will challenge them to make good choices and do great things.

“The price of greatness is responsibility.” – Winston Churchill

It’s in the everyday things we do that teach us who we are.   We learn what motivates us, what we are good at, what we need to work on, and what we inspire to change.

“Character provides the foundation of spiritual and moral strength that rule our decisions, commitments, and faithfulness.” Sally Clarkson from Own Your Life pg. 163

Justin, my six year old son doesn’t like chores but, he does it anyway because we don’t let him move on to what he wants to do until he does.  He will find the least resistant way to accomplish a task. He is too busy creating adventures in his head. Not a bad thing. Quit admirable to be an inventor with great imagination. The problem Justin runs into is that he never knows where anything is.

Work hard and don’t be lazy is a character trait that I would like to see Justin grow into.

“Poor is he who works with a negligent hand, But the hand of the diligent makes rich.” Proverbs 10:4

Kaylee, my five year old is an organizer. Loves to help and finds great value in doing things around the house. Her philosophy is that you help me and I will help you. She often sings, “The more we work together the happier we will be.” She doesn’t want to pick up after herself, but she will pick up after everyone else. She wants to be appreciated and gets upset when not acknowledged. Kaylee threatens us often that if we don’t help her, she won’t help us.

I would like to help Kaylee serve with a joyful heart with no conditions attached.

We are here to serve one another.   Jesus has said, “Even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”         Mark 10:45.

For a few months I opened up a kid’s toy store in our basement. I bought items all under $10.00 and I re-priced them to be less. They earned money to buy things on Wednesdays after 3:00 pm.  continue reading



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12 thoughts on “Honey, Can We Hire Someone To Pick Up After Our Kids?

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  3. Boy, I LOVE your ideas for motivating kids to do their chores and that they can earn money for extra jobs. I aways felt my kids should do some chores just because they were members of the family and extra tasks would earn them a little spending money.


    • We don’t have the store now. Because I also want to teach my kids that doing chores is part of what families do together – just because it is the right thing to do. Thanks so much Sandra for stopping by and leaving a comment!!!!


  4. Lisa wonderful entry. The kids picture cracks me up. Kids creativity in pick-up clean-up time really brings out individual strategies. In first grade each student needed to pick up 10 scraps of paper before leaving the classroom. One of my sons would always pick-up the 10 as asked. My other son would pick-up one larger scrap of paper, rip it into ten pieces, and show the teacher 10 as he walked out the door. Enjoy your Mommyhood!

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  5. Lisa, I really enjoyed this post. Your pictures made me smile from ear to ear. I could easily relate to this topic. Memories of teaching my own little ones to clean up their things. Three kids in a tiny two bedroom house definitely had its challenges!

    Sent from my mountain at Feathers In The Wind Ranch! ~Chirp…Chirp….Woof…Woof!~


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    • Thank Heidi – I remember those days when i would come and visit you. You had everything always so nice and organized. Your such a hard worker.


    • Thanks Jenn for stopping by. It really does boil down to what’s going on in their hearts. And the more time we spend with them, the more their hearts respond to good choices.


    • Hi Brittany, Thank You so much for visiting. I yell and then I wonder why on earth they are yelling. We are a loud family I guess. I’m trying really hard to be more patient. And there really are fun ways to pick up too. I just need to remember that. Again thanks for stopping by.


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